The End of American Capitalism

Bush will be addressing the nation live in about 20 minutes; 9:25 CST.  You can watch it here on Fox News
Here is a more direct link:
or launch it from the Live Desk
I expect an announcement that we will no longer be a free market nation, but in fact will move further down the socialist road, similar to what we saw in Iceland yesterday.  The government will seize control of the banking industry and the people will sigh a sigh of relief not realizing the noose just got tighter around our necks.
But perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps President Bush as the leader of our nation will repent of the unjust and wicked laws we live under and will call for a national day of prayer and fasting and then announce that our economic system is a sham and we are going work towards putting the United States back on a Gold standard.  Of course this is a physical impossibility as a) we have sold most of our gold reserves, and b) we have way too much paper currency floating around the world to call it in.
It should be an interesting press conference; historical to say the least.

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