Making Herbal Remedies

This was so much fun!  We made several herbal remedies and mixed up some herbal teas.  We picked some mullein  growing back in the hollow and used in one of the remedies along with the rest of the herbs I ordered. 
I will keep posting about the process of making these remedies and let you know the final results.  For now, we shake them up every day for the next 3 weeks. 
I have been overwhelmed with learning how to make potent, effective, herbal medicines.  It is an amazing area of study…one that is leaving me further in awe of such an amazing Creator and His provision He has given us in the form of plants and their leaves, roots and fruit.  Very Incredible!


  • Tina in WV says:

    I would love to hear what resources you are using to learn how to make these and other herbal remedies. Can you share that when you have time?
    Thanks so much,

  • BethTN says:

    I will post more about the herbs and herbal medicine…
    I am currently reading a couple of books on the subject… I am enjoying Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug Resistant Bacteria by Stephan Buhner

  • Collin says:

    We would love to learn more about this. Where are you ordering your seeds/herbs? Any other books you’d recommend?