But What If She Had a Family of Babies…

If I were to all the sudden have a severe lapse of sanity and decide that…say… a outside political career was more important than my family.   If I were to abandon all manner of home and family life — somehow I don’t think my friends and family would be waving banners about how great my idea was.  How pro-family is it to abandon my first priorities and duties?  How pro-family is it for mom to be MIA?  How pro-family is it to leave my young babies?  Not very…in fact, not at all.  But hey–at least I didn’t abort them…

In another one of my bad books sitting on my night stand currently, Failure is Impossible, Susan B. Anthony In Her Own Words, I read this interesting piece:

Miss Anthony believes that women should be eligible to every administrative office.  At the same time she is candid enough to admit that it would be difficult to manage a home and children and to be a good Governor or President. 

“But, ” she explained, “that isn’t a real difficulty….Of course it wouldn’t be exactly dignified to have a woman in the office of Mayor if she had a family of babies.  But as a matter of fact she would not be elected.  Consult the records of the States that have suffrage and you will see it does not happen.” (Interview, 1899)

Ahh, but that which was considered undignified and unthinkable even to the most rabid feminist in the late 1800’s, has now come to fruition.  Now,  even if a woman had a family of babies at home, she abandons home without a bat of the eye from even conservative Christians!

Anthony went on to say, “I firmly believe that some day a woman will be elected President of the United States.” (Interview, 1905)

We do not even smell the sludge of cultural waste we are neck deep in.  While society around us drowns, and the anti-Christian drum continues to beat a deafening sound, conservative Christians at large are not getting the fact that pro-family demands defending the family institution.  The family institution we find in Scripture.  Have we been swimming in muddy and infectious waters for too long that we have lost all Biblical moorings?

There is one thing for certain and reading these radical suffragette, de-sexed women like Anthony and Sanger make it all the more clear –we are in a serious war of worldviews.  The worldview they spewed forth was clearly anti-God and they were not lackadaisical in their approach– far from it.  They were strategic, focused, and thought past their own generation for future change.  The problem is that the Church at large has and is failing to recognize the out right defiance of God’s Holy Word and is succumbing to the cultural norms painted for us by these revolutionary anti-Christian proponents. 

Back to my lapse of sanity?  I think not.  I have a home full of children that need me.  I have much more important work raising up my children to be bold, uncompromising, resolved men and women who declare the truth of the Scripture no matter the cultural and societal mayhem around them. 

No thanks.  I wouldn’t trade anything for those day in and day out slobbery kisses, big smiles and bright blue eyes of my 4 month old –who needs me, his mother to hold and care for him. 

No thanks.  I prefer the power found in rocking my own cradle and ruling the world within the blessed sphere God has placed me in. 


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  • Candace says:

    Great post, Beth! I find it VERY interesting that Anthony herself, thought it rubbish to leave a house full of babies to run for office!

    I certainly don’t claim to be a Biblical scholar or great Theologian, but I’m finding it difficult to understand why SO many evangelicals still think voting Republican is the right thing to do??? Aside from the Biblical qualifiactions for running for office, HOW ON EARTH do we justify voting to PLACE a mother in an office that will force her to put our country BEFORE her children! I’m befuttled, bewildered and beside myself!

    I’m passing this post on! Thanks!