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When I was a child growing up, I remember hearing the voices of Marlin Maddox and James Dobson on our kitchen radio while helping my mom cook in the kitchen or clean the house.  Now as a mother in my own home, I too often listen to radio and cd’s.  I love to listen to Kevin Swanson’s radio program while attending to the duties in my home.  We appreciate the Swanson family for their unwavering, uncompromising, bold, outloud faith in the truth of the Scriptures. 

Here are a few of the latest radio programs you can listen to as you go about your daily duties. 

Demographic Winter:  Why Women Won’t Have Babies.  (We like drywall way more than we like kids!)

A demographic winter sweeps across continents, and even evangelical Christian leaders won’t face the cause of it. Women don’t want to have babies, because they aren’t raised with a vision for it. Women are raised for careers.

Well, here’s a father who is not raising his daughter for a career. He’s actually embracing God’s vision for daughters. We know it’s weird. We know it’s unpopular. We know it’s politically incorrect. But we don’t care. Because this is what it will take to save a civilization, and glorify God in the process. We’re raising daughters to be what God wants them to be, not what Gloria Steinem or even Sarah Palin wants.

Daycare – Child Abuse:  Time for a Copernican Revolution in Education

A popular children’s author has enraged mothers everywhere after suggesting that day care constitutes child abuse. But what should we say about some of the K-12 schools out there?

Now after 200 years of increasingly cold, institutionalized education, Kevin Swanson suggests a Copernican Revolution in Education. He unveils a new Education Manifesto in which the definition, goals, method, and content of education are reworked from the perspective of a biblical world and life view

The classical Greek form of education separates knowledge from life, the fear of God from knowledge, character from education, and relationships from the paideia. This is because humanism refuses to treat man as a creature of God, created in the image of God, created for the glory of God, and created to love God as a Father. In this segment of the Generations broadcast, Kevin Swanson suggests that Christians should stop borrowing from the humanists to inform their methods of education, which in the end only cripples the faith.

Raisin’ a Palin:  How To Be A Feminist For Life (Classic Swanson Style!! Excellent!)

Kevin Swanson lays out a vision for raising the next Sarah Palins to rule the country in the year 2035. Then, he interviews Scott Brown on a biblical vision for womanhood and the vision for a feminist America. Contrasts form as worldviews clash on this segment of Generations. In a country where the family has unravelled, fatherhood is MIA, where 70% of men do not achieve manhood by 30 years of age, where the debt-to-GNI ratios are through the ceiling, and the character of the nation is in freefall, will 100,000 Sarah Palins be able to salvage our institutions in the next 30 years? More fundamental solutions are suggested on this broadcast.

There are many more good titles…check them out. 

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  • PowersFamily says:

    This is a great post and very timely. I’ve watched this scenario play out for 25 years now, being in the corporate world. Every year in my area alone I watch several women go through the process of giving birth, taking the customary 6 weeks off and then go through the excruciating process of breaking the bonds of motherhood and establishing artificial ones with a day care.

    I’ve seen women break out in hives or burst into tears at the slightest hint of work related stress while they are going through this process. They will sit and calmly justify what they are doing, (usually to other women who have gone through the same process). But the denial is only surface deep, and when the call comes from the day care informing them that their 2 month old has a high fever, the façade evaporates and they grab their belongings, re-assign their work to others, and fly out the door, again, close to tears.

    The justification is almost always the need for two incomes. “I make more than my husband”. “My husband says I have to work”. “If I didn’t work we would have to sell our house and one of our cars, and we don’t want to go backwards”.

    You can’t blame the wife. If a woman works and puts her children in daycare, 90% of the time it’s because the husband is telling her she has to. The rise of feminism, even in the Christian community, helps husbands justify this position.

    I believe the root of the problem is effeminate men who would rather their wives work to support their adolescent lifestyle than be a patriarch and leader of their home.
    – Kevin Powers