Amelia's Aprons Cottage Business and the Amish Apron Pattern

For those of you who did not win our popular Apron Giveaway!  Lorrie and Amelia over at Amelia’s Aprons have put together some apron patterns that are unique, simple, and fun—great for those beginner sewers out there or a creative gift for someone who likes to sew. 
Lorrie has designed an Amish style apron pattern so that you can make your own aprons just like the Amish wear in the Amish / Mennonite communities around in our area. 
She has these for sale on her website for $8.95. 
She also has a very cute pattern called Ruffles and Curves which is also a popular best seller.  These patterns include sizes for mother, child and doll! 
So check go check out the Amelia’s Aprons Patterns— (and the aprons)  She is in the process of adding more patterns so you may check with her to see what she has available. 
Like we said before, Amelia’s Aprons is a single mom run cottage business and we are so excited to see them take off after a lot of hard work! 

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