2 Month Motherhood Pondering Moment

Amazing changes happen almost overnight when one has a newborn.  It is one thing for someone who doesn’t see our baby everyday to say “My, how he has grown!”….it is another thing for me, who sees him every day, to see that growth take place!  To think that last year at this time, this little baby was not even a thought in anyone’s mind, except that of our Heavenly Father, is truly amazing to me.  And now he is here loud and sure.  How blessed we are to have and hold little Providence!  How he has challenged us!  How God has used him to knock off some of our rough edges?  3 a.m. feedings, crying, and sleep deprivation have a way of doing that to you!  Things are settling down a bit now that we are sleeping more!
His smiles make me smile.   I am so enjoying getting to know this little man.  I often find him intently studying something with amazing focus and attentiveness.  I discovered he likes to study dark and light contrasts.  He is very wiggly and likes to kick his legs.  He loves his brothers and sisters and they adore him.  And he absolutely hates his car seat. 
I finally snapped a picture of a big smile!


  • Vera says:

    Cute little baby 🙂 I have nothing against Agrarian life but I don’t believe Industrialization was bad. I believe with technology we have a lot of things that are convient to us. The telephone, electricity, the internet, better medical supplies, air conditioning, ready made clothing, refrigeration, television, cars, etc. I am not being materialistic I just appreciate these things in my life. I would like to live out of the city where it is more peaceful. Your family and farm is wonderful.

  • PaulTN says:

    Hi vera,
    Thanks for the comment. Just for the record I like those things as well… but do believe that we could not have have had industrialization, as we had it, if we hadn’t departed from God’s Word as our standard for life.
    I also think we would have continued technological advances as we have always done without the industralization of our world.
    I’m posting an article discussing more about what I mean about this idea.

  • Deanna says:

    Really great to hear of other families who feel that children are a blessing. We are also living on a Tennessee farm and trying to raise chickens. Pigs next? Enjoyed reading about your pig adventures. My dad, long time farmer, says that you would not save any money by the time you feed the pig all that corn. Comment?

  • PaulTN says:

    Corn? What Corn? With a family of 10 she lived really well on table scraps! Seriously, we let her graze in the pasture and fed her scraps from the table and when we felt like she deserved it we gave her a scoop or two of the cattle feed or corn. By far her staples came from the field. She was not huge when we dropped her off, only 205 pounds. But, we didn’t want to make an extra trip to our chosen butcher and it was time for the steer to go. 🙂

  • BethTN says:

    Corn –by the way — has been getting more and more expensive to buy…we have seen the price jump over the last year as well.
    Our pig this time was much smaller as Paul said…she was a pasture pig so we are anxious to see the difference in the meat.
    Pigs are interesting animals to raise– This pig followed you around…the other pig was scared of us. From our experience…we like raising them and would do it again–we were thinking about getting a couple to put in the pond.
    We are looking for some calves and a Guernsey bull if anyone has any leads in the Middle Tennessee area…