Honoring Grandparents…

We took a last minute trip to surprise my grandmother for her 75th birthday party my mother and aunts were giving her.  It was wonderful to see the extended family…many of whom I have not seen in years and best of all to take our children to see their great grandmother.
My mother read a very honoring letter highlighting many great strengths and talents of my grandmother and giving God much praise and gratitude for such a Godly mother.  I enjoyed hearing more about the things my mom appreciated in her mother and enjoyed talking to my grandmother about how she met my grandfather, their courtship and the story of their engagement.  She was a new bride at 16 years old.  A young mother…a faithful wife…an incredible home economist.  Her home was filled with joy of family life and always something smelling good cooking on the stove or baking in the oven. 
My mom said,

My mom is gentle, determined, selfless, and I have seen her hold onto her faith in God during the worst times of her life.  Through many sicknesses, losing her mom, her dad, her sisters, and the dark sudden loss of dad my mom held onto her rock– -her strong tower, her comforter. Not easy to do, but God never fails her. I have stood by her side and seen great hurt and I marvel at her courage and Gods love that carries her …
…we were probably 20 before we had to actually go buy a dress. Our entire wardrobe during childhood was sewn by mom. We were the best dressed girls in town. I now realize great love went into every dress and we matched.  I even see those 1950’s hat’s with matching outfits worn by mom to church every Sunday…

And sew she does.  Even when I was growing up, she continued to make my cousins and I dresses.  We were often blessed with a special dress made by grandma for our piano recitals or Easter Sunday.  She even made the brides maid dresses and flower girl dresses for my wedding.  A skill that is rare indeed in this day. 
Our oldest son (her first great grandchild) read a poem he wrote her.  It was rather witty and funny and she appreciated it. 
There are many amazing things about this woman and I too am so grateful that God put a grandmother in my life that has always been a strong example of a Christian womanhood–through many trials and losses,  God has always been faithful to her….and what an example that has been to me.  She is a great woman indeed with her many, many grandchildren and great grandchildren surrounding her calling her blessed. 


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