Drinking Raw Milk During Pregnancy

“I am about 6 weeks pregnant with our second child and prior to this I had really been thinking about raw cows milk. We have a provider near us who is state certified and I know I could trust. But now that I am pregnant the whole no raw milk or lunch meat i have been at a standstill on a decision. So all that to say, did you drink raw milk while you were pregnant and/or do you have any good sources on the subject.”
Here is my own personal belief about drinking raw milk during pregnancy.  For thousands of years expectant mothers consumed raw milk, however, because of industrialism, many things in regards to consuming raw milk have changed.    I would not recommend consuming raw milk that came from a factory farm or sick animals or milk that was transported in a hot milk tanker for hundreds of miles.  However, consuming raw milk from a trusted source…from healthy cows or goats is a different story.  
I did drink raw milk my whole pregnancy.  In fact, I would often pour a glass of raw milk and crack a raw egg or two in it and drink it down.  Our midwife was perfectly fine with that– we knew where our milk and eggs came from.  Having said that…if I didn’t know where the eggs or milk came from–I wouldn’t do that.

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