What’s in a Name Part II – Noah


“When Lamech had lived 182 years, he fathered a son and called his name Noah, saying, “Out of the ground that the LORD has cursed this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands.” (Gen 5:28-29)

I should probably dispense with the light hearted agrarian connection with the name Noah first.  Apparently when Lamech saw he had a son he gave thanks to God because he needed another farm hand!  Moving into the summer here on the farm I can attest to what a great joy it is to think that we will have another son working alongside of us one day.  But Lamech had to work the ground while it was still cursed, when it, by God’s design was inclined to produce thorns and thistles because of Adam’s sin.  As such, Lamech spoke prophetically when he said, “this same shall comfort us, concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground, which the Lord hath cursed”.
First he spoke prophetically of the temporal blessing Noah would bring his family and ultimately the world.  According to John Gill commenting on this verse, Genesis 5:29

“Noah eased them in a good measure of their toil and trouble, by inventing instruments of ploughing, as Jarchi suggests, which they had not before, but threw up the ground with their hands, and by the use of spades, or such like things, which was very laborious; but now, by the use of the plough, and beasts to draw it, their lives were made much more easy and comfortable; hence he is said to begin to be an “husbandman”, or a “man of the earth”, that brought agriculture to a greater perfection, having found out an easier and quicker manner of tilling the earth: and as he was the first that is said to plant a vineyard, if he was the inventor of wine, this was another way in which he was an instrument of giving refreshment and comfort to men, that being what cheers the heart of God and men…”

But we see that Lamech also spoke of the spiritual as well, as Gill continues:

“…Lamech might be apprised of the flood by the name of his father, and the prediction of his grandfather, he might foresee that he and his family would be saved, and be the restorer of the world, and repeople it, after the destruction of it by the flood. And he may have respect to comfort in spiritual things, either at first taking him to be the promised seed, the Messiah, in whom all comfort is; or however a type of him, and from whom he should spring, who would deliver them from the curse of the law, and from the bondage of it, and from toiling and seeking for a righteousness by the works of it; or he might foresee that he would be a good man, and a preacher of righteousness, and be a public good in his day and generation.  Gill’s Works, vol. 1. p. 9.

Providentially the sweet savor of Noah’s sacrifice coupled with his obedience to God caused God to remove the curse from the land after the flood.  In this manner, Noah greatly eased the labors of all farmers since the flood. (Genesis 8:20-22)
As great as all of this history is about Noah, the reason we named this young man after him, was the fact that Noah was the first sailor to sail the seven seas.  Very specifically it is the fact that Noah sailed the seas when they were only one sea during the great flood!  Noah’s testimony, his life work, gives clear testimony to one of the chief issues of our day; the trustworthiness of the Bible.
The Unitarian evolutionist have been attacking the soundness of scriptures for over 150 years.  Their willingness to embrace a humanistic view of God and the earth has wrecked havoc on our land for generations.  During this time, the desire to look to our own human reason and intellect has moved from the radical fringe into the main stream church and has lead us through the valley of death via, abortion, euthanasia, and genocide.  Our departure from Scripture as the only true rule of how we must govern our lives has given us a low view of marriage, a blended view of the roles of men and women, and the destruction of the family.
Noah’s life and the flood is a testimony to the faithfulness of God’s word as the only true source of foundational information in the world.  It is our prayer that just as Noah of old was a preacher of righteousness, that Noah Vaughn would be a voice that calls the church back to the truth of God’s Word.

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD…Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, Noah walked with God.  (Genesis 6:8-9)”


  • First of all, let me say congratulations on your sweet new little guy! I’ve not commented before, but I’ve been following your site since it was Birth Dynamics. I originally met Beth briefly at an Above Rubies picnic, and then re-connected through the MOMYS digest. Our children all had chicken pox at the same time :o) and our midwife is Susie Meeks. p>

    I have really enjoyed reading about Noah’s name. The Lord gave us our Noah’s name before he was even conceived, and we were going to name that child Noah regardless if it was a boy or girl. I am trying to get my brain around it as I know the Lord is speaking something to our family about it. I awoke yesterday (Sunday) morning to read about your Noah’s arrival. He was born the same day our youngest, Haven Asher Rivers, turned one. That, along with the above mentioned “coincidences” got me tracking that something was going on, that the Father was getting our attention! We arrived at church and I immediately noticed that out of the three Noah’s at our church, we were all seated together. Our church completely fills a gym, so it was a large gathering. One Noah was seated in front of us, then us with our Noah, then behind us the other Noah. I’m really going to be doing some thinking and praying about how this fits into some other stuff the Lord has been talking to Glen and I about and some changes we’re making in our family.

    So, thanks for sharing your story and your life. Blessings again to your sweet family!

  • Praise God for your son! Though the world may ridicule you or Noah for your stand, may he stand strong and trust in God’s promise as did his namesake.
    BTW – Based on your height and weight descriptions, it sounds like he’s almost ready to tackle the farm on his own right now! I bet he’ll be a strong one, spiritually and physically.