About the business of men…

It is a blessed sight to see a young man be about the business of men instead of being idle.  The problem with having boys pursuing the work of starting up businesses is that it ultimately affects me in ways that my flesh would rather not be affected by. 
This morning, I attempted to finish up my growing pile of laundry all the while working around a big box of chirping birds at my feet.  That’s the box of 104 new baby chicks that arrived early this morning!  That’s 104 more birds to add to the other menagerie of birds wandering around in the yard.  That’s a 104 more birds that weren’t my idea!


The boys had been in and out of the house finishing up the last minute details on the chicken brooder before the noisy birds could be taken out to the barn.  Inconvenience yes…but more than that is the picture I see out the back door…that of the ever increasing myriad of animals roaming the back yard, the bright orange construction fence they put up around one of the chicken pens, the pile of wood they insist is important building material, their Thanksgiving turkeys that shower poop all over the girl’s playhouse on a daily basis and … well, must I go on?  I go back into the house and shut the door and pretend I just came in from a stroll in my beautiful southern garden.  I am a very exact, like-every-book-strait-and-my-cans-in-the-pantry-alphabetized type of obsessive person.  I can’t figure out why God gave me that type of personality and then decided to bless me with 5 boys!  He knew I needed to grow up, learn the meaning of patience and self-sacrifice and have layers of selfishness knocked off; so He blessed me with children!
The point is that having boys pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors and learning how to be about the business of men is messy!  I have to reevaluate my expectations of a perfectly manicured lawn (HA!) and a reasonable amount of laundry and come to grips with the fact that these things just aren’t to be at this season in my life.  After all, things are messy in a construction zone.  It isn’t until after considerable time, effort, dust and hard work refining, building and creating that the construction zone, one day, turns into a beautiful work of art. 



  • Bereanwife says:

    Oh, the fun of farm life! I’ve had chickens in a box in the house, sick baby goats in carriers, puppies in the utility room, baby birds in cages, etc. Oh, yeah and children here, there and everywhere. We had cut back on the animals some since my oldest two have developed other interests. But now the younger ones are wanting more animals!!! I had just gotten used to having a clean porch again. 🙂

  • amys says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great post. I do believe through having children…God is attempting to burn out all of my selfish desires and false expectations. Thanks for being “real”…it encourages this mom! It looks like your children are doing a terrific job. You continue taking good care of yourself and the new baby!

  • Meredith_in_Aus says:

    Dear Beth
    I loved this post. I can’t quite relate to all the chickens and agrarian stuff (although we have acquired 3 bunnies in the past 6 weeks!) but I sure can relate to the stretching God wants to accomplish through giving me 6 kids (plus one on the way) to steward for Him.
    BTW, how is the birth story post coming along. I’m dying to hear it. I visited your old Birth Dynamics website and really enjoyed it. We’re planning our first home birth in December. All my births have been attended by midwives (because the doctors never made it on time) but they have been midwives I’ve only just met when I arrived at the hospital. However, I have been blessed each time with fabulous care. I suggested the home birth to my dh this time, though because I feel sorry for him having to bring all the kiddies into the hospital every day that I’ve stayed in! All this waffle to say that I’d love to hear your latest story and perhaps – if you’ve got time – any home birth pointers you can offer. I usually labour in the shower and I’m a bit worried about running out of hot water so I may try the tub (we have a large spa bath at our latest house).
    Anyway, God bless.
    In Him

  • mom2tjtnl says:

    I agree that boys learning to be about the business of men is definitely messy and requires much patience and understanding. God continues to teach me to look at these things with the future in mind and not the immediate inconvenience. I enjoy reading about the happenings on your farm and can relate to so many of your thoughts and ideas.
    Also, thank you so much for posting about the bookstore find in Vestavia Hills, AL. We live in Alabama and were able to visit Solid Ground Books last week. We were so excited to be introduced to such a place. We bought several books and enjoyed meeting the owner. He wanted to know how we found about them and we told him about seeing the link on your website. He remembered you all from the time you visited. Thank you for sharing this treasure.

  • BethTN says:

    Meredith.. Haven’t typed up the birth story yet– 😉
    using the tub or a birth pool (a kids swimming pool is what some use) is very helpful—I have been told you can turn up your water heater before the birth if you are concerned about not enough hot water…..but laboring in water as opposed to a shower is very different. Getting into a tub of water equalizes the pressure (as opposed to standing in a shower with gravity) and is an amazing help to mom especially for those late labor contractions.
    Amy–glad you stopped by the book store. We found lots of great books there and the owner is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I like it when you can pick any book off the shelf and ask questions about it—and the guy knows everything about the book and can compare it to others you have asked about.

  • Lydia says:

    Beth, Wow can I ever relate. We too have five boys and three girls! They are all hyper-active and going, going, going all the time. I want to know how you get them to the place where they really want to take care of matters on their own, such as a business or the garden. I find myself having to remeind them frequently that “the animals need feeding” or whatever the case may be. How I would LOVE for them to be resposible that way! I too, though, would and do, struggle with staying out of the way sometimes. I am learning. Keep up the great work!
    Lydia in NM