Putting Bulk Foods to Use

I am still learning the art of how to put bulk foods to use, store them and how to calculate how much I need.  As I get into buying bulk quantities of staple foods, I wonder why I didn’t figure this out earlier.  Though the prices of things like grain, oats and rice are skyrocketing, it is still much cheaper to buy a bulk 50 lb bag of oats than buy little canisters at the store. 
I am have been reading about the proper way to store different foods.  Currently, I am separating out the bags into 1 gallon ziploc type baggies and storing them on shelves in the pantry, which is not ideal for long term storage.  If I have room in the freezer, I will put grain and oat in there. 
There are a couple of downsides of bulk buying that I can think of to one who is not use to this type of shopping.  One would be the fact that it does take up space.  Another reason would be the fact of cost.  You would need to reorganize your budget to be able to spend a large amount of money at one time, in order to avoid spending more money over time with smaller packages and containers.  Another reason might be the fact that if you do not store your food properly, you could loose it to bugs or moisture.  It takes a bit more research and knowledge “how to” when stocking your kitchen with bulk foods. 
But…there are so many more positives, especially for those who have larger families.  In the long run, bulk food purchases are much cheaper.  You are not having to run to the store every couple of days because you are out of some basic ingredient.  You also have security and peace of mind that you at least have some type of food in the house in the case of an emergency.  You can buy organic or natural foods much cheaper in larger packages and you are not limited to just grain.  You can get dried fruit, cocoa powder or carob powder, flax seed and other non-grain type foods in bulk bags as well.  Over all, bulk food purchases save you time and money.   


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  • Tracy says:

    I totally agree with all your thoughts. It does take some juggling of the grocery budget to buy 50 lb. bags of grain & raw sugar, side of beef, etc. which we have been doing over the past year. But I am seeing that I spend less overall for those weekly things like fresh fruit or vegetables. I can’t wait until the garden is producing and we can eliminate buying those too. We tripled the size of our garden this year. Storing them is another issue. I actually ordered my grain recently in pails already sealed since the company guarantees the seal. While it was a little extra it was worth the peace of mind. My dh did build a pantry for our family this year and we can put the bulk of our food in there. But all grain buckets and home canned items go down in our cellar. I am creative in using any extra space there is under beds, in our closets, etc. I don’t have a problem with a case of canned goods under my bed. lol. With gas prices being what they are buying in bulk has an advantage that I don’t run to the store as much too.