More Fresh Milk…From Our Dairy Goats

Having fresh milk has been one of the most rewarding farm experiences over this last year.  We started last year with milking our cow, Bonnie.   We also have several dairy goats.  One of the business ideas my daughter is pursuing is raising milk goats and selling them to other families who would like to have their own supply of fresh milk.  So far, she is just starting her hand at it, but is loving working with these milk goats. 
With baby goats, comes milking mommas.   Our 9 year old daughter has plunged into milking duties and is loving it.  She and Mally (one of our alpine mommas) are great friends.  In fact, Mally can’t stand to be away from the children when she sees them outside.  She makes all kinds of noise and tries to open the gate so she can come be near them. 
Except for a few bumps in the road — kicked over milk pails, stepping and putting her hind feet in the milk bucket, escaping and sitting down when trying to lead her back to the pasture –She has been a wonderful goat for a 9 year old to learn how to handle and milk.  We have been very pleased as she is providing some very rich and delicious milk that we have been enjoying very much.  We never would have imagined goat milk could be so good!
The only problem is that when Mally does get out of the pasture and makes her way to the house, returning her to the pasture can be quite a chore! 



  • owensarrows says:

    I would love to buy one of your daughter’s Alpines. Does she have any milking or is she waiting for the kids? I am lined up to get some Nubian kids in the spring and I have two pregnant Nubys now but I would love to add and Alpine or two! I don’t think we are too far to pick them up.

  • BethTN says:

    The Alpines are not milking as of Winter of 09…
    She is waiting for the kids and then will have some milking. She will be selling some goats this summer–as of yet..not sure how many —it really depends on how many does we get out of the group.
    We will keep you all updated on any dairy animals we have up for sale though…