Milk Nazis Fine Farmer $4,000

“This is a sustainable economy being born, and the government is trying to squash it. That’s what’s at stake here,”

It seems to me, that a government who prints extra money for it’s citizens to “stimulate” its economy is afraid of any competition. 
The idea of a sustainable economy is appealing when folks are looking at the financial and health impact of our industrial food supply.  The benefits of eating healthier for less money while supporting a local farmer is a fantastic alternative to pumping money into a failing economy for substandard chemically saturated food substitutes.

“The way America produces meat, milk and eggs is unsustainable, creates significant risks to public health from antibiotic resistance and disease, damages the environment and unnecessarily harms animals, a report released Tuesday says.”  The Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production; reported by USA Today on   5/6/2008

The full updated story on the milk Nazis can be found here at WND.

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