More Animal Babies at Vaughnshire

We arrived home from a wonderful fellowship time at Church and started to settle in for the evening.  Dad and the children ran out to do the chores quickly before supper.  At supper, one of the children brought up the fact that they didn’t see our expecting milk goat when the cow was being milked.  In fact, no one had seen her at all since we had been home. 
After supper, my husband goes out to the pasture in the pouring down rain to locate the missing goat.  (..Who we later found out went through two fences to the back woods.)  We awaited anxiously as he searched the pasture.  It was taking too long and my daughter was starting to worry that something was wrong. 
The 10 year old offers his insight on the situation, “Well, maybe she died in goat birth?”    He seems to have a way with words and offering blunt opinions at just the right time 😉
It was taking a long time.  It was now nearing 10:30 pm and I yelled out the back door to see if he needed any help.  He hollered back in the distance that we could come up and see…  to see what, we had an idea but weren’t for sure… but we hurried to get our boots and coats on and ran out the back door and up the hill… the dark…in the rain.
We arrived seeing a beautiful little, newborn alpine doeling.  The children were so elated and I was in disbelief as I didn’t even really believe the momma was even pregnant.  However, she was and kidded exactly when the breeder told us she would. 
We relocated the momma and baby to a covered area for the night and returned back to the house with a happy crew awaiting daylight to show the rest of their siblings the newborn kid in the morning. 


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