Boyhood Work

My husband regularly discusses entrepreneurship, business, income and work with our sons.  They are being encouraged to dream up business ideas, work out figures and numbers and jump at opportunities that come along–now while they are young.  One of our sons has been churning over getting an egg business up and going.  With owners of restaurants already talking to him about his eggs, that has been pure motivation for him to really kick his business plan into high gear. 
Last week he spent a lot of time building…building a chicken tractor for his Rhode Island Red chicks that he bought last month.  We have gone from a having a few chickens, to having almost 70 chickens and he is wanting to buy more. 


He is currently thinking up egg-mobile ideas for when these chicks are laying.  He keeps his eyes out for potential egg-mobiles….things like old wagons or old trailer beds….you know—junk—that he can turn into a mobile chicken laying house to “beautify” our field with. 


  • daysofgrace says:

    That looks great! Did you son do that? We now have baby chicks and learning as we go! Dealing with pasting up and my husband is frantically looking at the endless possiblities of portable pens ideas. Love your site. Thanks!

  • BethTN says:

    The 12 year old built the chicken tractor mostly out of scrap wood and tree branches he gathered and scrap tarp—he was out behind the shed working for a few days and then appeared the other afternoon dragging his creation out into the yard…then started transferring chicks into it. Amazing how they grow up and sorta take care of things by themselves.