A Mother, Her Family and Natural Health: Highlights From a Recent Conference

I attended an exciting health conference in St. Louis this past weekend.  As health and natural medicine are great interests of mine, especially now as a mother, I found this weekend to be highly profitable.
The doctors teaching at the conference focused on the topic, “Natural Medicine for Common Childhood Illnesses” and with a room full of doctors and mothers, it was a great time to learn some valuable information to help in treating my own family.   
Some of the topics covered were first related to disease and that line between wellness and illness, how illness occurs, organ functions and body systems and their importance in maintaining good health.  Other topics were covered like food and nutrition, natural medicine, chiropractic care for infants and children and more.
A very interesting session, indeed, was called, “The 100 Year Lie” in which a very powerful time-line was presented on how food and medicine have been destroying and eroding health here in America over the last 100 years.  Talk about scary!  This was an amazing chronology.  I was shocked at the information and statistics presented on cancer, diabetes and heart disease and the correlation with the types of food we now eat, industrialism, the chemicals and toxins in our environment, and the rise of the pharmaceutical (a drug for everything) industry. 
I was also interested in the section on Autism, ADD and ADHD.  I was very intrigued with the statistics presented.  The US is the highest consumer of Ritalin in the world–the highest percentage being boys being diagnosed and receiving the drug.  The wife of one of the doctor’s presented a session on obesity which was very interesting as well with even more shocking statistics. It not only is this a problem in the adult population, but has rapidly spread to children — Is it any wonder in our convenience based, fast fake food, media centered, sedentary culture?
A chiropractic doctor presented a very interesting session on “Infants, Children and Chiropractic Care”.  He covered some very fascinating information on the intricacies of the spine and nervous system.  He also covered common problems in infancy, like colic and other digestive upsets, and how we can treat these illnesses naturally without the use of medications. 
Probably the most practical was the session on Children’s Health in which a wide variety of health issues were covered:  allergies, asthma, sinus problems, bedwetting, digestion, eczema, dizziness, hyperactivity, infections (bacterial and viral), fever and colds.  It was excellent information enabling mother’s to have resources and information to make informed decisions on their child’s health.  I learned many things not to do and many more things to do. 
I think of Katie Luther, the wife of the great reformer, Martin Luther, who was very skilled in herbal medicine and was in fact known around town for her excellence in this area.  She used her skills to help others as well as primarily serve her children and husband in the area of health.  She has inspired me to continue to gain more knowledge in these areas as I seek to improve my knowledge and skills so that I can better serve my family’s medical needs as they arise (and hopefully avoid a large majority of problems through proactive prevention). 


Along the same line (though not brought up at the conference) a couple of books that I can highly recommend are:  Mommy Diagnostics and The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker. I have found them to be excellent resources for treating common illnesses naturally at home. 


  • Tracy says:

    If you made any notes regarding asthma, I would be very interested. Our son has had asthma since he was an infant. It took months and months for the drs. to even finally admit he had asthma. They just wanted to give him antibiotics and say it was an upper respiratory infection at that age. Now he seems to outgrown it some, but had continued to be on singulair every day. I had done some reading and singulair seems to be connected with behavioral issues especially in older ones it seems to cause suicidal thoughts. Not including that my child just doesn’t need a chemical in his body for this long period of time. I have started treating him with herbs in particular mullein. I just ordered some lobelia which is supposed to be wonderful for asthma. I just wondered if they mentioned anything else. I had heard chiropractic care was good for asthma too.
    Thank you!

  • Miss Andrea says:

    Wow! That sounds like a fascinating conference!
    I’ve recently started making my way through Shonda’s NHF home study course. It’s been neat to try out my newfound knowledge here and there (and see it actually work!), especially when it involves herbs out of my own garden.
    Thanks for sharing about Katie Luther, I’d never heard that before.

  • BethTN says:

    Miss Andrea– I hope to start the NHF homestudy course from Shonda Parker this Fall with several other mothers/daughters here in our area. I am very excited about this!
    Another thing about Katie Luther—she grew her own food and herbs, raised cattle, showed hospitality to many, ran the family brewery and farm, took in the orphans while already having many children of their own— Have you seen the DVD about her? It is called Morning Star of Wittenberg–actually, I think it is on youtube as well. I love to read about her because she completely disproves the old feminist line that the homemaker serving her husband is in bondage and brainless — Far from it–Godly womanhood is fascinating and wonderful!!!

  • BethTN says:

    I have some notes about asthma…I can post them when I get a chance.

  • michelle says:

    Wow Beth, I would have loved to have attended this conference. I have been becoming more and more interested in these very same things. With my last pregnancy and birth (July ’07) I used a midwife and chiropractor. This chiropractor is very holistic and has really opened my eyes to a myriad of medical lies and at the same time I’ve learned a ton about herbs and natural remedies.
    I, too, have been very interested in Shonda’s NHF course, but am waiting a while before beginning. ( Interestingly enough, my midwife is friends with Shonda and has delivered several of her babies!)
    I’ve also been reading Nourishing Traditions which has been very eye-opening. Looking forward to more posts on this subject! 🙂

  • Kristin L. says:

    I have to admit to a bit of jealousy 🙂 This sounds like a conference I would have greatly enjoyed! In particular “The 100 Year Lie” is something that goes right along with some thoughts I’ve had recently.
    There is so much more I could say 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • BethTN says:

    Here are some things I wrote down about asthma:
    (includes notes with allergies/hayfever/sinus)
    Over-sensitive reaction to:
    chemicals (HUGE)
    weak immune system
    elimination system that is compromised and not efficient
    seasonal irritants
    Natural treatments:
    –intensive dietary intervention (dairy is a huge problem for these people– raw goat / cow milk are much better, but still should be watched for over usage—at least the raw milk has enzymes)
    Move towards a whole food diet and cut out all the additives, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup etc. (very difficult in our day). Wash fruits and veggies to remove chemical residues.
    –boost immune system
    –detox and add liver support
    –seasonal support
    –alter lifestyle to avoid as many chemicals as possible—they are everywhere though! (laundry detergent, cleaners, avoid heating foods in plastic containers, avoid smoking and dirty air as much as possible….clean water…
    –maintain ideal weight
    They recommended some homeopathic remedies — BHI Asthma, Lymphomyosot, D-Hist Jr., BHI Allergy and Probiotics (orthobiotic).
    I am not familiar with these above mentioned products….but they are ones they mentioned???? You would have to do some research on them.

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have done most of those things. I had a been using an allergen free laundry detergent but am now getting ready to start making my own. I also make my own cleaning products. The only thing I haven’t done is add liver support for him. The ABC Herbal book suggested giving him trace minerals each day so I started that in December. I will have to check into those homeopathic remedies. Right now I give him mullein, peppermint, catnip, and nettles tincture I made as these were all supposed to be good for asthma/allergies and very child friendly. He takes this everyday and it seems to be helping. I am going to make an lobelia tincture next week as it should help if he was to get the sudden onset of coughing, increased congestion, etc. Of course we still keep all the old stuff around if nothing else was to work. He has struggled with the weight issue even at a young age and I believe alot of that can be contributed to all the oral steroids he has been given……boys can be bottomless pits anyway when it comes to eating but throw in oral steroids…. But I believe the oral steroids just messed his system up in alot of ways including metabolism, etc. He probably definitely needs the liver support. I will have to research a child safe way to do that. Thank you so much!!!

  • Miss Andrea says:

    Mrs. Vaughn,
    How neat about the NHF course. That’s a good idea to go through it as a group. I think it would help me to be more diligent in my studies if I were to do the same. 🙂
    As to the documentary, no I had not seen it before- but how interesting! Thanks for recommending it. It was indeed on youtube- I watched it twice:) Would you happen to know of a good biography on her??
    In Christ,

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