Want To Know Why We Farm…

…well, there are many reasons, but one good one is having the pure and simple freedom of raising our own beef cow in our own pasture. 
He eats grass and drinks fresh spring water and has free access to all the sunshine he could ever want in his big old fashion pasture.  He isn’t medicated, vaccinated, chemically coated or filled with hormones.  He lives the peaceful life of a cow on a family farm.   
Raising your own beef really is not that difficult and leaves one to wonder why in the world we ever allowed ourselves to become mixed up in the Frankenstein factory meat-lots anyway?  Is it any wonder we are seeing the headlines in the papers this week about the largest beef recall in this nation’s history?
USDA recalls 143 million pounds of beef
Small Risk of Danger from Beef Recall
The largest beef recall in the nation’s history but “Don’t Worry”! 
I found a good article on the topic to be:  Consumers Told To Eat Local Meat — Where meat comes from, how it is processed are keys in the wake of a record beef recall
We hope to encourage other families to seek out alternatives to the regular factory system through either raising your own, buying from a family farm or utilizing a coop for your meat purchases.  For our family, the road to being self-sufficient in the area of producing home grown meat, has been a long and greatly anticipated journey–one we haven’t arrived at yet, however, news such as these food recalls only furthers our resolve to think and grow with sustainable, generational intent. 
More to come on this subject…