Super Tuesday is Upon us

For some reason this primary season came up too fast for me to give it much attention.  Honestly, it is likely the fact that I’m tired of the fake WWW wrestling match between the two parties that contributed to my un-enthusiastic interest in this year’s election.  Whatever the reason for my own disillusionment, the primary is upon us and we do have our duty to fulfill.  Since that duty is not to just run out and punch the ballot for whatever party we have grown up supporting, I thought I’d post a link or two for some political encouragement during this frustrating season.
This is an important topic in our day and age, or in any age for that matter.  Although I fear the reason I think so would not be the same reasons most might agree with that statement.  Many want to put their trust in the electoral process and electing the “right leaders”.  They believe it is important because as the Psalms tell us, when the righteous rule the people rejoice.  I do believe the blessings of righteous leaders is a biblical principle and pray for the day that we or perhaps our grandchildren would see the righteous in the seats of government once again.
However, the reason I believe this is an important topic has nothing to do with a misguided hope that the “right leader” will make everything OK.  It has everything to do with our obedience to God’s law in supporting candidates that are “biblically qualified” to hold office.  The standard is not who is electable, or who has raised the most money, or who won Florida.  The standard is, “What does God say a civic leader ought to look like?”  Since I have not committed the time to fully work through the candidate’s positions and qualifications yet, I thought I would share an article by Bill Einwechter, titled “Biblical Standards for Choosing Civil Magistrates“.  This is a very powerful and scriptural treatise on this topic which will discuss the standards a leader should adheer to. 
Of course there are other excellent discussions on topics such as women in office, the validity of third party candidates, and more which can be found here:
Then once we have a good solid biblical foundation for what we are doing on Tuesday and the standard to judge the candidates by, I have seen a few folks talking about the following site which seems to be a decent resources for getting to know the candidates that are lobbying for our votes.
I pray each of us are encouraged in the Lord and that we remain faithful to pray for our nation and indeed for a true repentance that will lead not to the revival of our hearts but to the reformation of our souls.  This Tuesday (or November) is not the answer to the problems our nation faces, but it is a chance to stand before God and show yourself faithful to His standards – And His people, being faithful to His standards, is the answer to the problems our nation faces.

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