Update on the Sambucol deals at CVS and some other deal ideas…

EDIT:  I stated before that the deal was good one time, however, CVS customer service told me the limit was 5 deals–meaning you would get $10 in extra bucks back on each purchase of Sambucol.  The Sambucol rebate that you would send into the company is only a one time rebate. 
That is if you can find it!  From several of the comments, the CVS stores they visited didn’t have it.  I would call before you make a trek into town (if it is a trek for you). 
Other items that are limited to 5 are the Cottonelle, the Dial 3-pks of pump hand soap, the Johnson’s packs of cotton swabs and the Johnson’s baby packs of lotion/baby wash.  All are giving back $2 ecb’s for each purchase.  Combining these with coupons and you can come out with some very great deals.  (The Johnson’s baby packs would be free after ECB’s and using the $1 off Johnson’s baby product coupons that came out not too long ago.) 
A scenario for you:

  • Buy 1 Sambucol 12.99
  • Buy 1 Cottonelle toilet paper 4.99
  • Buy 1 Johnsons baby pack 2.99   
  • Use $4 off $20 CVS coupon
  • Use .50 cent cottonelle manufacturer coupon
  • Use $1 off Johnson’s baby manufacturer coupon
  • Pay 15.47 plus tax
  • Send in $10 rebate
  • Brings your total down to $5.47
  • Get back $14 in Extra care bucks. 

You can see how this will add up over time.  The next deal that you do you can use your extra bucks to pay for your purchases and if you plan it right, you can continue to roll your extra bucks into more extra bucks. 
This helps pay for higher priced items like baby diapers!  I try to wait for really great deals or incentives like earning extra bucks for buying diapers ……and then I stock up on them. 
Remember my post last year on the really great cheese deal… well, it’s back at Kroger only not as good as last year.  Using the .40 cent off 2 Kraft cheese coupons —Kroger will double to .80 cents off 2 (some have reported finding $1 off 2 coupons at the store on a tear pad where the cheese is located), you can get a decent deal on some cheese.  Buying 9, getting an instant $6 off your order.  Check your area as this promotion may vary. 
That’s a short lesson on the other economy…. Tomorrow, I plan to do my end of the month/beginning of the month grocery shopping in both parallel economies:  The Amish store and CVS…