The first day of the new year

 Hey, it’s snowing.  A brief blizzard of sorts lasted a few minutes and then vanished away.  An exciting happening of the day.
Bonnie, the fat and furry milk cow.
The rest of us were a bit under the weather so to speak and spent the day resting– sipping down hot tea and soup.    The girls worked on our household notebooks (more on that later) while the boys spent afternoon playing games. 
Freezing bone broths or other types of broth in freezer bags or containers, make an easy way to make homemade soup rather quickly.  The above soup is a mixture of deer and chicken broth with diced potatoes, cut carrots, diced red and green pepper and chopped onion.  Add a couple of crushed cloves of garlic and a dash of cayenne.   Add salt and pepper to taste and throw in chopped cabbage a few minutes before removing from the heat.  Cabbage makes an excellent addition to any soup.   


  • NickyB says:

    Wow soup looks great except for the Cabbage. I love raw cabbage just not cooked doesn’t have the same taste or texture.

  • BethTN says:

    cabbage is a new addition to our diet… I have been trying to learn how to use it for a while…. soup is an easy way to add it into your diet.
    For raw cabbage…I love it too and have recently been trying my hand at making slaw—- VERY Yummy and very good for you! especially good tasting if you let is sit in the refrig a couple of days after you make it.