Inspiring Daughters – Household Notebooks for Our Daughters

On New Year’s day, we created this years 2008 cover page for each of our notebooks using old country home type magazines we found at the paper recycling place.  We cut out pictures and words and had a grand time crafting, arranging, and gluing our book covers with meaningful home inspiring pictures and words.  


I have had a household notebook for a while.  Several months back, we created an assistant’s notebook for my 8 1/2 year old daughter.  She helps me with meal planning and, in fact, has completely taken over doing all the meal planning for our breakfast meal.  We created a worksheet in Word and printed out several copies, hole punched them and put them in her “Kitchen” section of her notebook so she can plan breakfast meals. 


Inside her notebook, she is putting things like:

  • Most used recipes for quick reference
  • Meal plan calendar with grocery lists for breakfast needs
  • Schedule of the week
  • “To Do”  and “How To” lists
  • Her home schooling to do check off list
  • Her home business ideas that she writes down as she gets new ideas
  • A list of educational homemaking milestones that I would like to have her master by the year end. (For example:  Teach her how to cook a roast using the pressure cooker)

Encouraging and helping our daughters create a household notebook is just one of many ways to start actively training them in the practical “how to’s” of home management.  She is actively engaged in furthering the vision of the home even in small tasks like planning breakfast.  As she grows, her tasks will become greater as she handles more responsibility around the home.
I recently read an article entitled Queen in a Home of Her Own by Shelley Noonan (which I found off a link from Noblewomanhood) which I thought was a great overview of how we mother’s can lead and inspire our daughters in fruitful aspirations of home life.  I especially enjoyed her simple formula for encouraging maturity in our daughters in which she states:

I have discovered a simple formula that will give your daughters godly maturity.  It is very simple.  Responsibility = Maturity.  Early responsibility = increased maturity.  Minimizing responsibility = irresponsibility. 

How true!  Especially in a me-centered culture such as the one in which we live where children are indulged, left to their own vices and regularly ill attended by weak parental authority or oversight, it is vitally important for me as a mother to constantly lift up that standard before my daughters of what exactly a Godly woman looks like.  Early training and early responsibility with purposeful instruction is necessary to raising a daughter that understands the importance of the role God gave her.  I often fall short and am so thankful that God keeps giving me additional opportunities on a daily basis, throughout the day, to be that Godly womanly representative to my little girls. 


  • michelle says:

    Wow, Beth! That is really neat. My almost 8 yo would love to do something like this… It would probably help me stay on track better as well.
    Is there anywhere on your blog that tells how y’all put your notebooks together? Like a mini-tutorial? lol!
    BTW, we ordered Inherit the Land per your blog and we loved it! We SO want to move some day soon! 🙂

  • Cathy says:

    This is WONDERFUL!! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to implement this with my girls.

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  • BethTN says:

    I have several posts that are scheduled to be posted next week with more details…. so I will throw in some more pictures of putting together the notebooks for our daughters.
    Glad you enjoyed Inherit the Land —

  • Herbjoy says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this very helpful post. Our daughters from Africa have a terrible time with organization. Now that they are all reading I am going to help them each put together a notebook. It helped them to actually see your blog as I read the article to them. I think sometimes they think I make all this womanhood information up as it seems too much work for them. However reading your blog helps them see that there are other children who have to live the way we expect them to live. Thank you very much!!!

  • rachel says:

    i love scrapping!!! I have all sorts of recipes and design ideas like this!! how great to get the girls started young!!! I’d love to adopt a teenage girl and do this with her! 🙂 lovely idea.