Ron Paul and President Lincoln

Here is an interesting look at how well the government schools have done in indoctrinating our nation in the politically correct ideas of the War Between the States.
Ron Paul has said that Lincoln was wrong to invade the south and press the war.  Do you agree?  Here is your chance to vote.
It is a very interesting social study if nothing else….  As the numbers stand at this moment I’m actually fairly impressed that a good number of folks seem to at least grasp the idea that 618,000 dead American’s is bad.  I doubt that most of them are voting on the basis of states rights or other principles, but it is a much closer poll at this moment than I would have imagined.  A majority of people in at least most of the traditional southern states and some confederate minded people in the north west, with the exceptions of the liberal coastal states, agree with Paul’s statement.
Check it out and place a vote.

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