Rendering Lard: re-adjusting my views on real fat

We have been told for generations that fat is bad for you.  Enter any grocery store and you will see product after product of …well…fake foods that are chemically altered and “enhanced” for the sake of our health.  We have been indoctrinated into thinking that real butter and real fat are deadly and made to believe that the new updated “fake” versions hold the keys to health. 
All that to say that we don’t believe a word they say.  We not only have been making our own 100% real fat butter from our very stubborn milk cow (more on her later), we also learned how to make 100% lard fat from our pig.  Unlike its fake counter-part, Crisco, real lard is a real fat.  The Real Thing: nothing beats lard for old-fashion flavor is an interesting article and you can find other articles about how real fats are actually healthier than the chemical plastic fake fats sold in the grocery store. 
We asked the butcher for the fat and he gave it to us in several grocery sacks.  Since this was our first time rendering the fat, we read about how to do it from our trusty Country Living book and talked with some friends. The boys cut it up in small pieces and after we had made a sample batch (we wanted to make sure it would work before we ruined all of it), we rendered the rest of the fat.  I have a 22 quart roaster oven that worked beautifully for cooking down the lard.  After it had cooled, we put it in glass jars and stored it in the refrigerator. 
So far, I have used our farm raised and rendered fat for making the most delicious pie crusts I have ever tasted, cooking scrambled eggs and smearing a spoonful on the pan when I made pancakes—beautiful and tasty! 
I will post some interesting pictures we took of the rendering process soon. 


  • Tracy says:

    Yes, my grandma has always said that lard makes the best pie crusts. 🙂 To look through either of my grandmother’s recipes you will see lard listed here and there or bacon grease. My one grandma’s recipe for cornbread calls for smearing the pan with bacon grease. I have made it without doing that, but I will admit that it does taste better if the pan was greased with bacon grease. BTW, I am 38 years old and BOTH of my grandmothers are still living. Now, let them tell us some more about how those real fats are bad for us and going to kill us??

  • antmoma says:

    Can’t wait for pics!
    It is so funny that in the “old days” when our g’mas and g’pas were raising their children they ate what they wanted. Before the advent of fluffy fun prepackaged “foods” the whole nation seemed to be healthier. ~shrugging shoulders…….

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