Our Expanding Farm

We have made some huge leaps in regards to animal management here at the farm.  While getting the milk cow bred is still on our list, we have managed to move forward in other areas. 
We have a registered Alpine milk goat who had twins last February.  We recently took them over to a local farm for all 3 goats to be bred back to a very nice Alpine buck.  In May, we expect our first baby Alpines to land on the Vaughnshire pasture.  We are intending on milking some of the Alpines as well as offering registered Alpine milk goats for sale. 
In addition, we brought home two Pyrenees puppies.  Since we do have goats and smaller animals in need of protection, we decided the farm needed some Pyre’s to work the farm. 


The local farm gave us as many chickens as we could catch…so we brought home some chickens to put in with the cows for the purpose of pasture sanitation.  Today, for some homeschool-hands-on-learning, my husband handed the boys a pair of scissors and a printed out info sheet and told them to go clip the chickens’ wings so they would stop flying out of the coop.  They figured it out.
Also, new to the farm, by a strange work of Providence for our son as my husband has assured me, we have acquired a Walker Coon Hound…… who trees coons…among other things currently.  Remember the story, Where the Red Fern Grows???  Evidently, that wasn’t just a made up story.  Stay tuned for that exciting turn of events. 

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