Another Article on Lard

Our good friends over at Top Of The World Farm sent this to us last week.  I just got around to checking it out and thought I’d share since we have the recent posts on Lard.
This is a fairly exhaustive review of some of the leading studies that have been done on saturated fats in the past.  Here is a quote to wet your appetite.  (Some pun intended)

“I was disappointed that we didn’t find something more definitive,” says Lee Hooper, Ph.D., who led the Cochrane review. If this exhaustive analysis didn’t provide evidence of the dangers of saturated fat, says Hooper, it was probably because the studies reviewed didn’t last long enough, or perhaps because the participants didn’t lower their saturated-fat intake enough. Of course, there is a third possibility, which Hooper doesn’t mention: The diet-heart hypothesis is incorrect.

Now go out and get you some fresh bacon to be put in the freezer next fall!  You won’t be sorry.
Oh yea, that reminds me.  We are in the process of curing our bacon.  We found a recipe we are going to try….We’ll post it soon and let you know how it goes.

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