Visitors from New Zealand

We indeed were very blessed to have two young ladies come and stay with us all the way from New Zealand.  They have been in the states for a brief couple of months helping Nancy Campbell over at Above Rubies and finished out their stay here in Middle Tennessee here at Vaughnshire. 
What a blessing it is to have two beautiful, servant hearted ladies serve us in our home!  Much appreciation goes out to their parents!  We hope to meet you all one day! 

New Zealand ladies

Allison and Felicity quickly dove into all the work awaiting around here with joy.  They cooked meals, cleaned up, did laundry, played with children, worked in the garden even, took the babies on walks while I homeschooled the older ones, and kept the house running when I was unavailable — they were a huge help to me!  We cooked them some traditional American food:  meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cornbread, peach cobbler and the like.  We even visited our Amish grocery market which they thought was very interesting.  We learned many things about New Zealand and I bet my children asked a thousand questions — I know we wore them out! 
Thanks Ladies for all you did!  Hope to visit you soon in New Zealand! 

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  • Herbjoy says:

    I would also like to congratulate Allison & Felicity’s parents on a job well done. My daughter has had the privilege of spending time with them at Above Rubies and has been enriched by the experience. Thank you for extending them hospitality as I know they enjoyed their time in your home. Blessings!