Inherit The Land

Inherit the Land DVD now available!
Inherit the Land DVD now available!

Our friends over at Franklin Springs have been busy this summer and we have had a hard time keeping up with their pace!  We finally shared our review of the great new movie on Stonewall Jackson – Still Standing
What we did not do is share with you about their other project that recently wrapped up.  Inherit The Land is a great new film with a design to help cast a vision for families who are considering or already making a move towards an agrarian life.  We were both honored and blessed to contribute a small part to this work and are excited about it being a source of encouragement for others.
In addition to seeing Vaughnshire, you will be able to hear the stories of great Christian families like the Wilson’s from Full Quiver Farm located in Virginia and the Bradrick Family from the opposite coast in Washington state.
These Pioneer families along with a host of others are featured in the agrarian discussion.  Inherit The Land, will give you a glimpse into the lives of families who are working together on a farm, or tending a garden in their back yard.  Some families do it to provide healthy food for their family and others to do it to reclaim their lives from the fast pace industrial society that robs their time, and still others do it to create a way of life they can pass on for generations to come.
Regardless of the reasons, all of them seem to enjoy the life God has given them and are excited to share with the viewer the testimony that God has created in their family.
As always, with Franklin Springs films, you can’t go wrong with adding this one to the family library.  Once again, the Vaughnshire review board, give a quiverfull of thumbs up for, Inherit The Land.  Check out the the trailer and order your copy here.

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