Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story

Several weeks ago, we had a wonderful evening of fellowship with the Carpenter Family and author R. J. Williams Jr. and his wife.  Mr. Williams wrote the book, Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend, from which Franklin Spring’s new movie, Still Standing – The Stonewall Jackson Story was inspired.
The new DVD from Franklin Springs Family Media just released today and we have been negligent, due to our travels, getting this review out.  This is yet another excellent film from Franklin Springs that not only excels in masterful workmanship and beauty, but completely captures the Biblical worldview, the gentle heart, and solid character of Stonewall Jackson during a pivotal time in our nation’s history.  We especially enjoyed the information presented about Stonewall Jackson’s black Sunday school class in which he labored diligently to share the love of Christ with his black brothers and sisters.  It is a fascinating and inspiring story that still lives on today.


The film is beautiful.  We greatly enjoyed the rich cinematography which is remarkably more vivid and complex with many beautiful intricacies that lent further richness to the well-told storyline.
As a home educating family whose children thrive on any bits and pieces of information surrounding the Great War and those involved in it, I appreciate such quality and accuracy in this historical biography of Jackson.  Still Standing highlights a man whose intense love for the Lord, unshakable courage in the face of adversity and stalwart faith in the Almighty still impacts my family today in the year 2007.
Our family will be using the film as an important homeschool tool this Fall.  There is a wealth of historically accurate information from a Biblical worldview that will be used to build the academic knowledge of our children.  More importantly, this film provides yet another reminder of the importance of studying Godly men from the past.  The preparation of Godly men to lead the cultural reformation our nation needs, must include an understanding of our nation’s history.  The character of men like Stonewall is the character of the men that move nations.
Although the film itself did not attempt to tackle the moral difficulties of the time period, it does fully examine the life of a great general who himself wrestled with those issues.  The film discusses some little known facts about a man our politically correct institutions have ignored for far too long.  As such the “Vaughnshire Review Board”…that is to say dad and mom along with all the children, gave it a quiverfull thumbs up.
We will also be getting the book, Stonewall Jackson: The Black Man’s Friend by R.J. Williams which the movie Still Standing was inspired from.
Checkout the trailer and order a copy for your family at Franklin Springs today.


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