Followup on Psychology

This article providentially crossed my inbox this morning.  It is a pretty powerful follow up to the post on Calvin, psychology and making sin a “sickness”.   It discusses the lack of Christian psychiatrists and goes on to pontificate why that might be.  It seems that the number of Christian psychologist would lend towards the claim that psychology is not a Christian discipline.

“The study, published in the September 2007 issue of Psychiatric Services, also found that religious physicians, especially Protestants, are less likely to refer patients to psychiatrists, and more likely to send them to members of the clergy or to a religious counselor.

“Something about psychiatry, perhaps its historical ties to psychoanalysis and the anti-religious views of the early analysts such as Sigmund Freud, seems to dissuade religious medical students from choosing to specialize in this field,” said study author Farr Curlin, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago. “It also seems to discourage religious physicians from referring their patients to psychiatrists.”….


….Although Protestant physicians were only half as likely to send the patient to a psychiatrist, Jewish physicians were more likely to do so. Least likely were highly religious Protestants who attended church at least twice a month and looked to God for guidance “a great deal or quite a lot.”

The entire article is short and worth a quick read if you are interested in this subject.  It is found here.


  • Sarah Walston says:

    My Christian Psychiatrist, my Christian Psychologist and Royce’s Christian Psychotherapist are about the ONLY ones able to do anything helpful for us in the way of saving our marraige from divorce – which we are at the thresholds of. The ONLY reason I’m staying is because of Royce’s psychotherapist. The MAIN REASON we are here is because of our Pastoral Counseling and their unwillingness to help us find adequate medical help 2 years ago when everything went haywire the first time around. They absolutely refused to help us find good counseling. The same thing happened with 3 other families – and all 3 families are now completely broken homes. And all 3 have said that IF they had had GOOD solid counseling from professionals – they would have been able to heal their marraiges.

    So, I’ll have to agree to disagree with you on this one. Perhaps it’s hard to understand the usefulness of such practitioners if you’ve never had to seek their help. I am quite thankful for them all – and if we do end up divorced, I won’t at all blame it on the psych’s! If anyone is to blame, it’s our former pastors.

    As far as Pastoral Counseling goes – I’m actually mulling around a blog post in my mind titled “…(Never)Tell it to the church…” If we had had adequate counseling 2 years ago, when I went and told the church what was going on in my marraige – and we had gotten help when Royce had confessed his sin and was in a state of teachable humility and ready to become the man I know God wants him to be – we wouldn’t be in THIS MESS NOW.

  • Sarah writes:
    – “and if we do end up divorced, I won’t at all blame it on the psych’s! If anyone is to blame, it’s our former pastors.”

    Hmmm….how about if anyone is to blame it is *you and your husband*…? Nobody else is going to sign the papers on your behalf.