The Schiffman Family

On a recent trip to Middle Tennessee, the Schiffman family from Indiana called on us and were able to stop by and visit Vaughnshire with their 4 children (who are 4 years old and under!)  before they headed home.
We had a great time even if was a short visit.  We gave them a brief tour of the farm which looks similar to a desert right now.  The boys decided to build a “bobcat” cage to catch all those “bobcats” we have around here.  Our 4 year old is convinced he hears them at night in the woods.  Of course, young master Schiffman was all interested in building a bobcat trap with the boys and though they didn’t get very far in the short visit, they had a great time playing and running around the farm getting very dirty.   We hope to visit again very soon with them and are very grateful for the families who we are providentially crossing paths with!


  • Tracy says:

    The Schiffmans are a wonderful family we are blessed to know. I had joked that I wanted to go with them on their visit to Franklin. Then when I found out yesterday evening that they got to visit your lovely family(who I have come to know from reading your website) and had a tour of your farm, I wished I had come along. 🙂

  • Cathy Schiffman says:

    We want to thank the Vaughn family for their hospitality while we were in TN. We dropped by rather unexpectedly and they welcomed us like old friends! Oh what a wonderful time we all had at Vaughnshire Farms! Thank you again for opening your home to us and for showing us your beautiful farm. We all agreed that your home was our favorite part of our visit to TN.

  • BethTN says:

    We were glad you stopped by — We have been blessed to meet some very wonderful families and always find it refreshing to relax with friends—even if we did just meet.

  • PaulTN says:

    Tracy, your family is welcome to stop by on a future trip. We’d love to meet you guys and show you around the farm.

  • Tracy says:

    We would love to meet all of you too. We had wanted to meet you after reading your website and even more so now after hearing from the Schiffmans about their visit. Hopefully in the fall we will be able to get down there.
    Of course, you may change your mind after I bombard you with questions. 🙂 We are striving for the agrarian way of life too. Taking baby steps at this time as we prepare things here and there on our little mini farm (we have 2.75 acres). But we know no one else in our area doing this and sometimes you just need others to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and for prayer support.
    Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!