SBC leader: Family suffers when women choose career over children

It has been said that what happened with the ratification of the 19th amendment (Women voting) is that we ceased to be a nation of families and became a nation of individuals. If it is true that the family is the bedrock of society, then the things advocated by the feminist movement are destroying the very nation we live in.

Of course this idea was birthed out of a disfunctional church that departed from sound biblical mooring during the unitarian / transendentalist movements of the mid 1800’s along with the activist spirit of the abolition and prohibition movements.  But that’s a story for another day.  The good news is at least some members of today’s church are trying to correct the wrongs we have embraced as a nation.

Here are a couple quotes with a link to the entire article:

WARSAW – A Southern Baptist theologian has warned the World Congress of Families in Poland that the advance of feminism and “the marginalization of men” are threatening the home….

A biblical model of the family is key to restoring social order in the world, stated the Southern Baptist leader. Although innocents continue to be executed in the womb by their mothers and divorce is “eviscerating family life on every hand,” said Patterson, there is still hope for the world.

“As promising social and education programs have cratered along with promised noble deeds, [and] more sophisticated and determined evils proliferated, have we no place to turn?” he asked rhetorically. “The family remains — both the first and the most important social unit created by an all-wise, omniscient God.”

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