Paul Washer of HeartCry Ministries – A Message to the American Church

As we awaited breakfast this morning the children and I listened to one of the most profound deeply biblical messages I have heard in a long time. It is from Paul Washer at Heartcry ministries. Never mind that it is at youth camp, which we would not endorse as a biblical solution for discipling our children, the message is dead on and what the American Church needs to be confronted with. Having spent years as a missionary in lands that are hostile to the gospel, Paul’s approach to the youth is straight forward and no nonsense.

Every Christian in America needs to listen to this message no matter what age or what station you are at in life.

Thanks to the Powers Family for having this link on their blog.

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  • […] Singer and song writer Michael W. Smith has gone on record with his view of what needs to be done.  Although I don’t often have the pleasure of agreeing with very many folks in the CCM industry, I want to be quick to stand with Smitty in this call.  He has shown an understanding of the character and nature of God and the seriousness of the day that most Christians miss completely in our modern American Christianity.  (See the link from yesterday’s post to elaborate on this point.) […]