A Summer Harvest


Our 9 year old harvested his heirloom corn today.  He was very excited to finally see his hard work turn fruitful.  Even though the corn stalk is officially not producing anymore, he has plans for his corn stalks that I am sure will make a blog post one day soon.  And..No…my idea of using them for fall decorations was met was a confused look of what-a-waste-of-good-resources mom.  He has a better idea. 


Although, he did not collect a huge amount of corn, he was able to gather enough to feed us several meals with corn-on-the-cob — a favorite around here.  This was his first try at farming a crop of corn, an heirloom variety of non-GM corn that is purely organic.  He labled it “Pierce’s Vaughnshire Corn” and put it in the freezer with much anticipation of when we were going to eat it for supper. 


In other gardening news, look at the harvest the boys brought in today!  Wow!  We were all very excited! 



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