This Is The Way We Wash Our Clothes


I am doing laundry for my family today. I am teaching my younger sister how to do the laundry. The first thing I do is start the water. I set the machine on super plus because it was a full load of jeans. Next I checked to see that the water was on cold/cold.

Next I turned the knob to heavy wash time and showed my sister how to put the soap in. We then loaded the clothes.

My sister and I carried more clothes to the laundry room from each bathroom.  Then I taught her how to separate the clothes.  And then I had a pile of white kitchen towels in the kitchen floor and I tested her to see if she could put the white towels in the white pile in the laundry room.  She put all the towels except for one in the white pile. 


My sister and I are taking clothes off the line. We brought them in and we put them in the living room floor. We dumped out the clothes and started folding.


I trained her how to fold towels and wash cloths. After that we put them away.


I am putting away towels and my sister is putting away wash cloths. Next we started a new load by taking the wet clothes to the line to dry and washing more.
We help mom do laundry almost every day except for Sunday.  My mom sometimes helps me but she is training me to take over the laundry and to teach my younger siblings.

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