Pet Hawk

Our pet hawk that we rescued several weeks ago is getting much bigger. He will break the skin if he pecks at you, however he is conscience of who has been feeding him. He was let go several days ago and did not fly far, only up to the electric pole wire. He eventually flew on top of the house and had a misadventure when he tried to land on the round vent that spins on top of the house. The wind hit it and it began to spin…as did the hawk. After going round and round a few times, he eventually fell off and stayed on the roof of the house watching the kids play in the yard. Pierce walked around the yard with a large stick with a piece of meat stuck on the end. He thought the hawk might fly down and get it.

Pet Hawk

The boys have been able to walk up to the hawk and pick it up and return it to its cage, however, we let it out again today and placed a pie tin on the the top of the cage. He will eat out of Paul’s hand or will eat off the pie tin. At this point we are unsure of what we are going to do with him as we thought he would fly away when let go. We are unsure if he will stay or fly away since he was an abandoned baby and was hand fed and had lots of attention.

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  • AngusMcNasty says:

    Call DollyWood. they have one of the largest Eagle habitats in the nation. I’d imagine that they would know which direction to point you in.