Where Is Vaughnshire?

Vaughnshire is our family website located at www.vaughnshire.com
We are working on posting articles specifically related to the farm, agrarian living, escaping from the corporate american rat race, reviving local community, and raising a large family in an anti-Biblical culture. 
We are just getting this site started and for now I am posting my articles about farm life over on Vaughnshire as well.  My husband is also posting…but we have very little spare time to revamp the site yet.  We are hoping to add lots of pictures and a detailed account on our exit from the regular ol’corporate american job to working from home on our farm.  As we are still in the process—lots more to come.  We hope to use the site as a journal for our children to be able to look back on with much laughter and praise to God for sustaining us through the good times and the bad. 

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