Free Gardening Supplies Tip for Frugal Friday

Here is my money saving gardening tip: 

I need more seed starter trays.  I acquired two tray flats last week from our local farm co-op, but need at least 25 more.  So I began trying to figure out how I could come up with some of these trays and flats.   
Idea number #1:  I called a large flower landscaping company and said:
“Hello, I am hoping you can help me.  We are homeschoolers and in need of some seed starter planting trays…. the plastic pots and trays that landscaping companies usually throw out or recycle….” 
He says, “Yes…I know what you are talking about…. hold on just a moment.” 
He comes back to the phone and says, “If you can come by the 1st week of May, you can have thousands of them…all sizes and shapes.  We throw them away anyway so you are more than welcome to use them.”

Wow!  I am so excited!  So if you need any seed starting trays, call a flower landscaping company!

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