Speaking of Gardening…

Over this next month, our family will be preparing to move to our farm.  My computer blogging time is limited, but after we get settled and my quadrant 3 activities are organized (Ha), my blogging format will be changing.  You will have to stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeve.  However, in the mean time, blogging will be sporadic. 
Ok… Speaking of gardening…
Because of our soon to be move, I have not planted anything in the ground.  Actually, it is too early still to plant summer plants with our start date being April 25th.  Being a Texas girl, after we moved here, I thought people were nuts around here when they would tell me that I needed to wait until the last frost date of April 25th to start my garden.  My first garden here, I planted before I was supposed to because the weather was so nice.  That next day it snowed all day…in April!  Of course it didn’t stick, but I learned that I should trust the locals.  Now that I am starting to feel like an adopted local, I stick to the the “cool weather plants and warm weather plants in their proper seasons” format. 
Currently spring is springing and we are seeing more and more flowers and leaves pop out each day.  It makes the gardener in me want to plant something!  Last week, I started seed trays so that when we get moved, I will have some good size starter plants to plant in the ground.  I planted squash, cucumber, more lettuce, and some herbs – sweet basil, sage, oregano, cilantro. 
I would like to try some staggered planting this year.  The idea is to plant in stages to maximize your quantity and length of harvest.  If you were to plant 10 plants, the fruit would be ready approximately at the same time.  However, if you planted 5 plants and then 3 weeks later plant 5 more plants and then 3 weeks later plant 5 more, you can control your produce to work for your family.  It works well on things like lettuce where you can have a consistent harvest of lettuce without it all turning bitter before you can eat it all.   
For now, I am enjoying reading gardening and herb books and finding experienced gardeners from which I can learn from. 

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  • sarah walston says:

    Beth – moving again?? Did you sell the place yet or you going to put it on the market after you move? WOW! I don’t want to move again for a long long long time, but I can’t wait to see photos of your new farm! Too cool!
    PS. My Grampa, an old Texas Farmer, never planted anything before April 1st. He said there would always be just “one more freeze” before April 1st. He was almost always right! And on April 2nd you knew he’d be outside planting!