Updates on a Winter Garden

This is my first try at winter gardening. So far, it isn’t by any means feeding us, but is a hobby that reminds me of how scary it would be if I was responsible for actually growing all our food.

Here is my one cabbage. In the fall, I planted lettuce around it. Now it is sitting under one of those plastic tubs acting rather nicely as a cold frame. It allows the sun in, well that is if the sun ever comes out, and keeps the freezing temps from killing my plants. Here is what it looked like in the earlier months.

Inside, the cabbage is finally getting bigger and forming a ball.

Here is the broccoli cold frame. Being the inexperienced winter gardener that I am, I didn’t pick the broccoli soon enough and some of it started flowering. I was expecting the heads to look exactly like those in the store. Silly me, what was I thinking?!? They looked similar but were greener and a bit smaller. So I snipped the heads off and we have since been getting smaller off-shoots which I am adding to our salads. Next year I would love to plant 3 times as much broccoli and stagger plant it so my plants were producing at different times.

Here are the headless broccoli. Smaller lettuce plants are growing underneath. Next year I will revise my set up and build a more functional cold frame that is easier to get into without having to unwrap the plastic. Maybe something with a hinged lid. Actually I would love a greenhouse 😉


  • Julee Huy says:

    Wow! That is amazing! I live in southern California so, I had NO idea you could do something like this! Good work! 🙂

  • Susan says:

    Just read your blog, got your blog from Tammy. I don’t know if you like Martha Stewart, but she had a great show and article in one of her magazine a couple of years ago about cold frames and the instructions on how to build one. she had a hinged lid and it was a breeze to open it.
    Just an idea, I admire you for even attempting this in the winter !

  • sarah says:

    If you had green house you would be one step closer to surviving in the 1800’s. lol.