Supersized Kroger Deal Last Week

Here is my latest super sized grocery deal for the large family.   Kroger had a product promotion sale in which the store offered an instant $7 rebate when you bought 8 Kraft / Nabisco participating products.  The only limit was that you could only get one $7 rebate per transaction when buying 8 products.  So I ended up doing multiple transactions.  After finding out that the sale was valid for an additional week,  I decided to order an additional 60 coupons from the coupon clippers website and really stock up before this sale ended.
Actually, with my coupons the Kraft cheese crumbles ended up being completely free with some overage going towards the tax.  Here are my totals:
3 visits with 21 transactions (No problems whatsoever.)
36 bars of cream cheese
24 boxes of triscuits crackers
8 boxes of cookies
100 bags (various crumbles, shredded, cube and block)
8 bags of additional cheese for free because I found the manager and asked him if he would check in the back for more crumbles because the ones on the rack were out of date.  FREE BAGS just for pointing that out to him!!
Total paid $42.61
Regular price $431.68

Some of the cheese was already in the freezer when I took this picture.  The cheese crumbles and shredded cheese freeze well.  I did find out that  cream cheese is good for 2 months past the expiration date as long as you do not open the package.  Cream cheese will freeze, however, it does alter the consistency a bit so it would not be good for spreads but still good for baking.  Though it may seem like a lot of cream cheese, I should have bought twice this amount.  If we have a breakfast with bagels, it takes two packages of bagels and 1 package of cream cheese to even start to feed us.
Last month I stocked up on 23 packages of bagels, which doesn’t last long around here.  I have to get my brain thinking in even bigger stock quantities!


  • susan says:

    you are the queen of grocery shopping. i can’t believe the deals you find!
    I think there should be an award of some sort for this kind of talent.

  • Sally says:

    You are so cool. 🙂

  • Sally says:

    ps – I saved $20 today using coupons and I thought I was doing good…sigh.

  • Jillian says:

    That just can’t happen to me, here in Canada. Or are you just the Queen of Grocery Shopping? By the way, I joined Costo on Saturday. We got the Executive Membership (dh’s decision, as I would have just done the regular membership), so basically I “have” to spend at least $200/month to cover the cost of the more expensive membership. I get 2% back of all that I spend for the year. That isn’t too hard to do. The goal my dh set is to try and go every 2-3 weeks at first, then when we get more “experienced” we can go monthly. It is way down the other end of town, so we have to take into account the price of gas. I’m going to have to be careful though, because there is somehow a “Buy, Buy, Buy” feeling in the air at Costco! Ever notice that? (-:

  • sarah says:

    That is truly amazing.

  • Christina says:

    Very impressive!
    What coupons did you use for the cheese? The only ones I could find were $1 off on 3 packs.

  • BethTN says:

    My coupons were .40 cents off 1 — which were doubled to .80 cents off each package.

    I did have different coupons for the cheese blocks I bought…. they were ??something?? off 2 though. Not as good as the .40 cent doubled ones!

    I saw the blinkie coupons that said $1 off 3 packs — they were located right next to the cheese in the store.

  • Kelli says:

    I have just recently found your post and am enjoying reading it!! Thanks for all of the info and helpful hints. I do have some questions…they may require a lengthy answer (please feel free to email me seperately if you wish). I am interested in your chickens. How did you go about learning to process them? Where did you purchase them from? How much land do you have? Do they only eat grain or do they get to roam around and eat grass and bugs and things? I would really love to do what you’re doing with the chickens and would love info on it!!
    And by the way, I went and bought the cheese and crackers at the store with coupons and all!! Thanks for the great tip.

  • Candace says:

    Hi Bethany,
    Does Kroger always offer double coupons, or is it just on certain days? I live in San Antonio and other than usual Walmart, SuperTarget and Cosco, we have HEB’s. None of them (that I’m aware of) do double coupons. Is this something advertised, or do you have to mention it at the register? I always use coupons and shop the specials to stock the pantry and freezer, but RARELY find deals this good. The best deal I found recently was at HEB. They were selling their brand of butter for .69 a box (4 sticks), normally priced at $2.00 a box. I thought I hit the jackpot! Boy, what damage I could have done if there had been a coupon for those as well. I stocked up big-time on butter! Any tips for any of the stores listed above? Thanks!

  • Sue says:

    Bethany, I just found your site and I love it… I really loved your story about going to the store and everyone asking if your children, are all yours! LOL
    I do have one question though that I am stumped on… What kinda of vehicle do you drive that you can fit all your children in with car seats ? My husband and I have 2 children that are still in car seats and we cannot fit another person in our Subaru Outback with the car seats in the car. If we are blessed with another baby, we are going to have to get a new car.

  • BethTN says:

    Kelli — I will answer some of your questions in a blog post.

    Candace — you will have to ask the store what their coupon policy is…it is usually hanging on a sign as you walk in or up at the service desk or taped onto the check out counter.

    There are some other San Antonio blog readers here…maybe they can answer your questions about if stores do double coupons in your area.

    Several of our stores always have double coupons…ever once in a while they will have a special sale event and run a triple coupon special for a weekend only.

    Great find on the butter though!!!

  • sarah walston says:

    Candace….no, there are not any stores in San Antonio that offer double coupons. The best way to take advantage of the sales/coupons is by joining the grocery game website. I shopped like this all last fall and loved it. I haven’t been able to since we’ve moved b/c we are too busy to mess with it. Plus, I had to leave my huge fridge behind at the old house – so I just have a regular size fridge now and no way to store all the food I could buy. But I did end up with some amazing deals like Bethany by using the grocery game website and having tons of multiple coupons. (Which I got by dumpster diving – the best way IMO if you can get past the pride issue of someone seeing you digging through trash!)
    Oh and btw – about dumpster diving – be careful if you let your kids do it. I stumbled across a whole stack of porn magazines someone had thrown into the recycling containers that were in the elementary school parking lot. There are so many things wrong about that scenario on so many different levels!! I was just glad my boys were not with me that day!! (Or my girls, for that matter!)

  • sarah walston says:

    Bethany – YOU ROCK!!!!

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