Remember ever being bored…

I can not rack my brain to retrieve even a slight, faint memory of what boredom is? I am not sure. I secretly think that if I didn’t have to eat and sleep, I could get so much more accomplished, but thankfully that is not possible and those breaks for nourishment and sleep are much appreciated short reprieves from constant work!
In my life, there is always something to do and to remain sane, I have had to give up many of my ideals to even exist. Ideals such as a perfectly in order house or spotless laundry room or a kitchen that stays clean for more than 3 minutes. Remember those times when all the laundry was caught up and put away? Remember when the house cleaning was finished and there was absolutely nothing else to do? I don’t remember those days but maybe they once existed? Currently, I have had to accept the fact that laundry will not be completely finished and put away. I rate my laundry not on if the room is perfectly clean or not, but rather how tall the pile is. I try to keep it under two feet. Laundry is an ongoing process and a daily fact of life.
I also have to accept that my 1000 square foot house will look like 7 children live in it. Why burden myself with impossible visions of a perfectly manicured home. We live in the country. It’s muddy and 99% of the time there is chicken manure on the front porch and most of the time at least 4 of the children manage to step in it on a daily basis.
I just expect the children to come inside thoroughly bathed in the sights and smells of small country life and currently that consists of mud and leaves until the grass grows thicker in the spring. Of course in the spring, I have new sights and smells to deal with, namely one called poison ivy.

I am tempted to become overwhelmed at all the commotion around here but at the end of the day when I pray over my sleeping children, all that commotion, mess, noise and work somehow slips to the back of my mind as a distant burden that can’t compare with the invaluable sense of accomplishment, completeness and love I have for those 7 sleeping little children.
For now, I am learning how to let things go. I am constantly grasping for what is important. I am striving to maintain a happy, peaceful home and accepting the fact that I may have several piles of laundry on the couch and a basket of dumped out toys on the floor, and homeschool books scattered all down the table. More than that, add the bustling atmosphere of learning and love. How much more important are these than the materialistic looks of a sterile home that has been disinfected of all real living! If only I could remember that every time I am tempted to become overwhelmed.

(No, I don’t know what he was attempting to do and NO, Those are not play clothes!)
I want a real happy home with thriving children that are taught of the Lord, loved by a momma that has real peace with the place God has put her and doesn’t stress over dirty laundry. Real living, real messes and real noise. I have to remind myself on a daily basis of what really matters.


  • Claire says:

    You really are awesome, Beth. I hope you know what an inspiration you are.

  • Sue says:

    Thank you for this… I only have 2 children and I am always stressing about the house not being perfect. But wise woman told me ( My mom who raised 5 kids) ” A house is perfectly clean with everything put away, You have a home”
    Have a great day!

  • sarah says:

    “How much more important are these than the materialistic looks of a sterile home that has been disinfected of all real living!”
    Well said.
    Beth, not to be corny [like Claire, lol]. But you are awesome and a huge inspiraton. Keep it up, and maybe if you are lucky the man really will pop out from behind the couch one day. j/k 😉
    Seriously, I do not know where I would be without you, your mom and Miriam. Thank you can never be said enough.
    Also, sadly I have the laundry and dish problem with three children. Congratulations, it took seven for you!!!!!!

  • Margaret says:

    I had to learn this recently. Two boys, muddy backyard, no “mudroom” to keep the dirt contained. Yikes! Then there are things like popsicles and spaghetti which must be eaten in the messiest manner possible, of course. lol

  • sarah walston says:

    There was an email forward that was going around not too long ago. It had to do with home schooling. It was pretty cute – but the one little line I loved the most said something like “If the house is clean, she’s probably behind in her home schooling. If she’s staying on top of the home education, the house will not be clean. She can not do everything. If she worked 40 hrs outside of the house each week, you would not expect her house to be spotless.”
    I think it was an email about how to encourage and support home schooling moms. Anyway – I loved that part and remind myself all the time that we LIVE here 24/7 and it’s OK if our junk is sitting around. It’s our house. Our junk.
    hee hee

  • Christine says:

    Looks like my 2 sons, and sometimes my daughter– I have loosened up quite a bit since we moved to the country 3+ years ago.

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