Management Tool For House Chores

At the beginning of the year, we implemented a new management tool for keeping up with daily household chores.

We have a list of daily chores that must be done in order to operate around here.  For reasons of lack of space on the chart,  personal chores such as making your beds and delivering your clothes to the laundry basket and putting away your clean clothes are not listed.
In an effort to teach responsibility, I assigned Managers and Trusty Assistants.  In the beginning, I had intended on changing the names around weekly, however it is working better for us to keep the same jobs for the month.  I will switch them up next month.  My daughter, however,  holds the slot of cooking assistant as a permanent job.  The boys do get in the kitchen occasionally, but cooking is not a regular chore for them.
Other chores such as feeding the animals, chicken barn cleaning, composting — the boys take care of these chores daily and we do not have a chart for that.
The children like being “Managers” of a certain area and calling their helper a “Trusty Assistant” makes the job all the more exciting for the little ones.  Although this does not guarantee a put together house at all times, it puts order to household chores that can become overwhelming at times with this many people. When it is time to pick up, clean up or eat a meal, everyone can go to their stations and know what to do.

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