A Family Store

One of my goals this year is to build a family store. Instead of buying out of need, my grocery shopping has been turned into buying items on sale to stock our family store. My shopping list every week for need items has been dramatically reduced. I do buy weekly fruits and veggies that are usually in season on sale items. There are a few items that I buy no matter the cost like avocados and bananas (lots of bananas–wish we could grow them here).
Some deals last week were:
Oatmeal: Sale was Buy One, Get One Free for $2.19. I used .50 cent coupons that were doubled to $1 off. I used two of these making the final cost of the oatmeal about .10 cents each. So I bought 20 canisters.
Black Beans were .60 cents instead of $2.39 a can. Juicy Juice was .90 cents a jug. Grapes were .99 cents a pound. Instant oatmeal was .49 cents a box. Free chili beans and free rice.

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