New Year….

…brings new changes. Although I had already intended on having my blog readjusted by now, the duties of a stay (that means work) at-home mom are never ending and growing. The cold winter days are trying our sanity at times but brief jogs around the yard or a trip to the library have been welcomed life savers.
We have been spending a lot of time on getting our house organized with some days being productive and other days wondering where the show is for the work we did. Today was one of those productive days. My laundry mounds are now under control and the kitchen was finally lassoed in today. Some deep cleaning made my day complete with much satisfaction. My children produced some excellent work today in the areas of Bible memory chores, music practice, and schooling.
My oldest son spouted off an untold amount of ocean animal science facts to me all day in between serious reading marathons of reading a book called “Dangerous Water Creatures” from the Encyclopedia of Danger. He ended the day by announcing that he was completely resigned to never stepping foot into the ocean again. He is also currently reading an interesting book about a submarine in the Great War.
Supper time conversation:

All day today…these are the types of sentences I was bombarded with……Did you know that an octopus doesn’t have bones. Did you know that a sea urchin can go through steel. Did you know that a swordfish can sink a ship…..
At supper he says…Dad, Did you know that some fish are toxic…. Dad, did you know that a cone shell is worth thousands of dollars but it is fatal if you touch it! HEY, Did you know that a Weever fish stung a guy’s finger and he had to amputate it because the pain was so bad!!”
The 6 year old loudly chimes in, “Amputate means he had-uh cut off his finger with a knife.”
Around the boys, you start to hear multiple conversations about cutting off fingers, blood, fish bites and stings…etc….etc….etc…
I say….Ok..boys — NOT supper time conversation.

Obviously the book has captured their interest. And for their sister, who disallows them to use words such as dinosaur or dragon in her presence after 12 noon, she was not thrilled at such “interesting facts”.
So, for the mean time, I am much overworked and haven’t the time for computers.
Late Breaking News and Updates:
1.) We all celebrated with much joy and anticipation as we harvested our first bites of BROCCOLI from our winter garden. It was the best tasting broccoli, not only because our broccoli is organic, but things always taste better coming out of your own garden — hard work tastes so goooood!
2.) I discovered how to make mouth watering biscuits the other day and will be posting the easy recipe discovery. You do not know how exciting this news is, as I have been trying and failing to make biscuits for a long time.
3.) I have some other announcements, articles and pictures but will be posting more later….


  • sarah says:

    If you are Choleric, these probably describe you:
    Your personality strengths
    You are a born leader, dynamic and active and have a compulsive need for change. You often feel that you must correct wrongs.You are strong-willed and decisive, independent and self-sufficient. You are not easily discouraged and can be unemotional when necessary.
    You are capable of running anything and exude confidence.You are an expert in exerting sound leadership, establishing goals and able to motivate the family in to action.You always know the right answer and organize the household.You are very goal oriented, see the whole picture and organize well. You seek practical solutions to problems and move quickly to action.
    You delegate work but insist on productivity.You make the goals, stimulate activity and thrive on opposition.You have little need for friends and will work for group activity.
    You often lead from the front, organize and are usually right.You excel during emergencies.

  • sarah says:

    I found your personality on the web!!!! lol…

  • sarah says:

    p.s. the rest of your personality…
    The Choleric/Sanguine is great! They can get the job done and make sure everyone is having fun at the same time!

  • sarah says:

    one last thing, lol.
    The declaration about never going, the dinnertime discussion and the amputation discussion crack me up!

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