When It’s Cold Outside and the Natives are Restless….and other winter ramblings

It is cold outside. Winter is definitely here. A mass amount of leaves are resting on the ground. The chill is in the air.
9 of us in a small 1000 square foot house – housebound because of the cold… This begins to bring the reality of just what kind of woman am I? Am I really as patient as I thought I was? I am not, as I have found out. For me, extensive character refinement is my life these days. Days when we are tripping over each other and having to elevate our voices higher and higher to hear over the crowd of conversation mingled with baby and toddler noise…. It usually crescendos to a ” OK–EVERYONE QUIET! ” Ahh, peace again…at least for a few seconds… In our family, the quiet game is a real game that we play often 😉
I keep perspective by thinking about women like Corrie Tin Boom or Christians who are in prison all over the world and the trials they are enduring. When I think my day is bad, I just pray for persecuted Christians in China and my trials seem like fluff comparatively. It reminds me that I need to welcome my trials and hardships with a grateful heart, knowing that God is refining me. I heard a man say once that if life is easy and you haven’t any problems, you should be on your face before God crying out, “DEAR GOD, What’s the Matter??? Don’t you trust me!?!?”
I read a book about Suzanna Wesley once in which it mentioned that many times her only times of peace and solitude where when she would pull her apron up over her head and pray quietly to herself in the middle of her busy household. This week that has become all the more real to me as I think I can relate to her a bit more. Although, different from me, she birthed 19 children and lived without the modern conveniences I have.
I am finding that it becomes vitally necessary for me to manage my time and children more strictly and creatively in these smaller quarters than it was in a big house. Before, it was easy for me to send the loud, energetic children to the playroom which was located upstairs at the other end of the house– conveniently out of sight and mind! However, now, there is no other room and outside time is not like it was in the spring, summer and fall. We all have been learning how to work with one another better. We constructed a family schedule that has been working quite well. I am challenging my self-discipline skills, but so far, we have a morning routine that is working well.
When the natives become restless, it becomes necessary for some physical exercise that consists of lots of running for the boys! Sometimes it is just worth digging out all the coats hats, gloves and even some days the snow suits and wearing them out with a game of freeze 😉 tag! After that, it is usually no problem to finish school or get a few moments to finish lunch or supper without interruptions.
What is it with the energy levels in males, anyway !?! I often humor myself with wondering why there isn’t a off switch or a mute button? I try to remember that our boys are warriors. We are raising Godly Reformers and leaders. God gave them this fire and energy for a purpose. Our job as parents is to discipline, direct and train that energy and fire for Godly purposes.
Interspersed with the cold days, we have had some wonderful crisp days that give us a break from the house. Today was one of those beautiful crisp days. The boys learned how to chop fire wood for the heater in the basement. (an excellent energy expenditure) They worked on replacing the old rusted out stove pipe and fired up the heater this evening. Hopefully, the old wood burning heater will help out the ol’electric bill.


  • Anne says:

    I found your site, from LAF, I was hiding from my 4 children and dear husband. One day with snow in a town that has sun 363 days a year. I was whining and whining. Thank you for bringing life and love to perspective. I wanted to leave a comment and let you know that you helped touch my life, and as I go to apologize to my family I thank you.

  • Bethany says:

    I love the LAF site…. http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com
    We all have those days… I have had (I do have ) my fair share of apologizing moments to my family for my failures as a wife and mother— ohh, to be perfect 😉