What to do with the Boys? Saving Our Boys From The Feminists!!!

Ask any mother who has boys and she will tell you a tale that is sure to dazzle you….a true tale of the mysterious wonder of what we call…. a boy! The simple fact is boys are different than girls no matter how loud the feminist scream! They act different. The learn different. The play different! They are not girls and neither should we try to put them in the “girly box”.
Having 4 boys of my own…and 4 very male boys, our life is full of interesting twists and events. I grew up in a family of boys so my experience as being a mother of boys is only a sweet continuation of the antics and experiences I had as a child. I love boys and their energy and vigor for life. I love the creative zeal and though I don’t quite understand how their brain functions, I appreciate the incredible vastly different set of wiring bestowed upon them.
Looking at the biblical roles of a man, you can see all the more clearly of why boys are the way they are. The are leaders, protectors, providers, dominion takers. They solve problems and fix things…They are aggressive…They are rough and tough…even at 3 years old. All this for a reason.
Feminism has sought to wage an all out attack upon our boys from the church house to the school house to even the home.
Kevin Swanson has a must read article on “The War Against Boys” in which he states,

“Today we sit in a “gender blender.” For parents with vision, for parents who take the raising of their children seriously, we must go back to the Owner’s Manual and define a vision for raising our sons and daughters.”

Mr. Swanson also has an online audio interview called The War Against Boys. Kevin Swanson interviews Christina Hoff Sommers author of The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.
If you have a boy, you need to listen to this interview.
So how do we protect our boys from this perversion? The family is the greenhouse for young children to grow and mature. Father and mother both play vital role in teaching boys. For the first several years, young boys generally spend most of their time with mom, however, as they get older, they need to spend more and more time with dad learning the ways of manhood. We know many home educators whose boys are completely home schooled by their father once they reach a certain age.
Even in the home school setting, it is important not to neutralize the home education of our children. The focus of education is teaching them the ways of the Lord and His design for their lives. Everything else flows out of that premise. In relation to boys, we use lots of boy related books and activities that promote healthy, moral boyhood and water the appetite for good literature and work. While many subjects and activities can be done with both girls and boys, I think that it is important to gear most of a boy’s home education from an approach that engages his masculinity and promotes his manhood from a Biblical perspective. In the same way, a girl’s education can easily be distinctly feminine.
Some ways to cultivate role distinctiveness in home education:
“How to” books are excellent for boys. Currently, the boys are working on making batteries from lemons, coins, foil and wire. They enjoy Henty books, books about catapults (thanks to this book we have three catapults in our woods), mystery solving books. Boys are interested in how things work, the nuts and bolts of something, in big bugs and mysterious animals. They thrive on adventure and conquest and dominion. Logic and solving problem books or activities inspire them.
Creative play with legos, wooden blocks and lincoln logs; simple things like ropes and sticks or more complex things like electronic or science kits are excellent for a boy’s mind. Our newly 6 year old built a house out of wooden blocks and wired it with scrap wire. He inserted a small flash light light bulb and attached it to a battery and wire to produce a house with a real working light. Boys will learn far more from this sort of play learning because it engages those boy brain functions that are dulled or lulled to sleep in a feministic environment.
In addition to the normal handwriting, phonics, spelling, one other way we promote education for our boys in a way they can thrive in, is by “Man School”. We started “Man School” in an effort to further promote healthy boyhood and education at the same time. We took the strengths and interests of boys and how they are naturally wired and tried to put together activities that they would not only love, but would learn from. “Man School” is not for babies or girls (the girls have Lady School). “Man School” is just for boys – energetic boys that are bursting at the seams to do something!
“Man School” may be sending the boys out to the back to work on their catapults they built in the trees. They have various “weapons”, i.e. junk, they have collected that sit disorderly around the launching site: A old cooking pot, a engine belt, a brick and about 10 other various items. In “Man School”, I might tell the boys to go out and work on the catapult but here are their assignments. I hand them a paper with these problems.

  1. Write down each “weapon” you fire from your catapult.
  2. What is the weight and shape of each “weapon”?
  3. Write down which “weapon” went the farthest and why?
  4. How many feet did it go? How many yards?
  5. Write down the “weapon” that was the most ineffective and why?
  6. Measure the length of distance each “weapon” went in feet and yards.

Other various problems may include measuring the circumferences of the trees in our yard and locating the biggest trees, drawing maps of them, calculating heights, identifying types and estimating age. Another “Man School” activity may be to measure the perimeter of the garden and to double and triple the perimeter by staking out their calculations using flags. “Man School” may be as simple as going to a business meeting with dad or working on a business plan. We are working to identify a host of other projects and activities that engage and challenge boys. Boys that work on this type of thing need not be drugged because they are forced to sit in a feminized classroom talking about how they feel about the rain forests.
Our goal is to produce powerfully effective manly leaders who understand their roles as men from a Biblical perspective, who protect women and children, who honor their elders, who fight for what is right and who despise wickedness and seek to do much damage to the kingdom of darkness. These are real men. Real men are not produced in the government feminist factories, they are produced, with God’s grace, by mothers and fathers who follow God’s pattern for the education of their children.
For further study on boys: (These are all web audios)
Created for Work interview with the author Bob Schultz (who has written a number of books on raising boys.) We are reading his book, Created for Work, to our boys and it is an excellent resource for encouraging the biblical work ethic.
Teaching Boys to Delight in Work – Applying knowledge to real life — something schools do not do!
The Youth Fetish and the Myth of Adolescence – Interview with twin 18 year old young men who run the website www.therebelution.com


  • Emily Gunn says:

    Excellent post!! On behalf of my two young men ages 4 and 3, I thank you! 🙂

  • carla says:

    My niece recommended your blog to me, said she really appreciated some good stuff you had posted today. She’s right, I absolutely love this…the things you have written here, the way they have been written. We have four daughters, some grown. Um…do you know of any way I can turn back the clock and start fresh?

  • Claire Hall says:

    So what is “lady school” comprised of?

  • Bethany says:

    I will post about our “Lady School” soon…..

  • Charlotte says:

    Thank you for this great post! I have three boys 4,2, and 5 months. I am an only child and had no boys anywhere! No brothers, no boy cousins, nothing! I want to do this right, and I appreciate all of the great info!

  • janie says:

    I am very saddened and sickened by your thoughts here, actually i am bothered in my soul. I believe that most of what you are saying can apply to people alike. I would LOVE to take junk i found around the backyard and make cool things with it. I am excited by the idea of fighting aggressively for my faith and family. I also love to cook and organize. I love my children and their specific abilities and talents, no matter their gender. I agree with you that it is wise not to let the government raise our children; you are right that we do shape and socialize our children to a large degree. But i would encourage you to take a look at your little guys very closely before you decide who they should be. I believe that PEOPLE are different, and that some PEOPLE like running around in aggressive ways, and some PEOPLE like playing musical instruments, and some PEOPLE make decisions based on emotions/values, and others based on rationality (like me, a very God believing woman). Did not God make man and woman in HIS IMAGE, and do not all people, no matter what sex, reflect parts of God. Do only females reflect the feminine side of God (feminine as defined by north american culture)? I have never read a verse that talks as much as you do about feminine ans masculine roles outside of hebrew culture. I believe the fruits of the spirit are this: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control. These are pretty ‘feminine’ things, as opposed to what you describe as ‘masculine’ traits, but i believe these are for all people. This is the fruit God asks us to bear. I agree that some boys are aggressive, and some are born leaders (but we can all learn!), but some aren’t, because they are people and people can’t be labeled completely according to their gender.
    I that your guys have a super school year, and learn many important things. I hope you learn to see people first and sex second.
    Janie (Yup, egalitarian!)

  • Bethany says:

    I have a few very long thoughts on your comment that I will expound upon to answer your points:
    Contemporary pagan feminism is sickened by the thought of Biblical family life. The thought that men and women are different and are designed by God for different functions and roles is repulsive to those who embrace the egalitarian worldview which is completely antithetical to the Biblical model in scripture. The beautiful picture we see in God’s word is set up with standards and guidelines that promise in obedience you will be blessed and in disobedience you will be cursed. The whole of the Bible depicts and describes the roles, duties and responsibilities that man and woman owe to God, each other and fellow man. The idea of male and female distinctiveness is not merely a isolated Hebrew thought, it is described and prescribed throughout the whole Bible by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Beginning in Genesis 1:27, “God created man in his own image, male and female he created them. And God blessed them and said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it: and have dominion….”
    In Genesis 2 we are given further detail of the creation of man. Genesis 2:18 it says plainly, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.” And we know the story, God caused Adam to sleep and from him, he made woman. Woman because she was taken OUT of man for the purpose of a suitable help meet. After the fall, we further see gender distinctiveness in the areas of roles and responsibilities.
    In Genesis 3, God judges Adam and Eve saying, “Unto the woman, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee.” And to further clear up any confusion, God further says, “And unto Adam he said, Because thou has hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and has eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”
    Verse 20 “And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” Throughout the Bible we see the roles of women are that of bearing children, helpmeet for her husband, homemaker and home manager, distinctive femininity, known character, hospitality in her home, teacher of younger women. (Proverbs 31)
    Another well known chapter in Titus reiterates the foundational truths of the Bible when it speaks of what sound doctrine is. Woman are to be sober, love their husbands, love their children, discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good and obedient to their own husbands. The Bible clearly says that men are to lead the church and home. In short, the buck stops with them. They are the defenders and fighters. We nurture children and provide a safe haven in home life. Both male and female exhibit the fruits of God’s spirit. A man is a faithful father and husband. A woman is a faithful mother and wife. A man isn’t being feminine when he loves his wife. Neither is a woman being male when defends biblical truths such as biblical womanhood.
    From the beginning, the Biblical order of family life, male roles and female roles are clearly laid out. It is in the proper ordering of these roles that produces great success and blessing on nations that follow God’s pattern. It isn’t in the Muslim oppression of women, nor is it found in the enslaving worldview of egalitarianism and feminism.
    Misguided feminism would have us believe that Biblical patriarchy oppresses women and in their quest to find liberation, feminism has further enslaved the very women that the Bible has offered true liberty and freedom to. Woman are the only ones who now embrace the double curse.
    Scripture is the final authority, not the therapeutic and consumerist American egalitarian worldview. It is because of this false belief that we have the breakdown of the family, church and our nation. Restoration of the family, only comes when biblical patriarchy restores the male to his divinely ordained station as head of the family, church and the nation and where biblical womanhood places the female as faithful helpmeet to her husband and mother of her children and home.
    We consider it important that our boys learn music, thus we have spent time and effort investing in the violin. My sons know how to make pancakes and bake cookies. However, I do not feminize them by training them with a focus on baking for a family or giving them tips and tricks on home making. I spend a considerable amount of time teaching and training my daughter in these areas because as the manager of a home, she will need these skills on a daily basis. In time, we intend to teach our daughter about how to operate and use a gun, however; focused training on guns will not be a major focus for her. She needs to know how to shoot a gun, but her job is not that of protector of her family or provider of meat. Does this mean that I breed helplessness into her. Were her husband away and she in the thicket of a storm without food, would she sit and pout, “Woe is me, I haven’t any food” or would she be able to go out and get something to eat for the stewpot for her children???   The point here is she is not trained to be helpless.  The purpose in the education and training of our children is God honoring and mindful of the role God designed them to fulfill. My children each have unique abilities and talents, however the framework in which we train and educate is based on WHO God made them to be — They are first a child of God. They are made male or female for a distinct purpose and as parents we are responsible for nurturing that plant based on who God made them to be.
    I don’t have to look very closely at my little guys to know who they should be….They are males made in the image of God who were put here on this earth to be Godly MEN, to glorify God. When my children were born, we didn’t say, “OHH, look honey, It’s uh…uh…. It’s a “people”! No…absolutely not, We said, ” It’s a BOY!” or It’s a Girl”! And from birth, we raise our children based on who God made them to be. They are not gender neutral as the egalitarians would like every one to be!
    People are different, however just because people are different doesn’t mean that male and female are androgynous. The Egalitarian society doesn’t believe in correcting ill behavior because, after all, they are just expressing themselves and we wouldn’t want to suppress that. Instead of correcting a girls ill behavior like in times past, we accept un-lady like behavior as an expression of personality. Furthermore, an egalitarian society accepts a mans lackadaisical work ethic is merely further proof that he must be in the wrong work field or is not cut out for hard work. R.L. Dabney, wrote of a story of a man, who was sitting on a crowded subway in the early 1900’s when a woman walked in looking for a place to sit. She approached him and asked if he would not give up his seat for her…for she was tired and weary. He said that he would gladly give up his seat for her but first one question. “Are you of group of women who fights for woman’s rights?” She proudly straightened up and said that she was, for there was not a greater cause for her kind. He then said, “Since you have fought so proudly for your right to stand, I am sure you won’t mind.” That is what feminism and egalitarian views have done for women: enslaved not liberated, harmed not protected, dishonored not honored the female sex.
    Men and women are different. They think different. They act different. They have different emotions. Neutralizing men and women is disastrous for civilized society. Therefore, as Christians, we are training our children with the biblical worldview of who God designed them to be. Our boys open doors for women, and if they don’t feel like it, they soon find out that it doesn’t matter what they “FEEL” like, they know, as men, “Men open doors for women.” It doesn’t matter how bad a woman wants to fight for her country on the battlefield, sending our daughters off to war is an abomination before God. It doesn’t matter how bad a woman feels like she is called to leave her family and become a traveling preacher, that “feeling” is not from the one true God of the Bible. We can be assured of that by reading in the only standard for living…the Bible.
    The Bible, Old and New Testament, is replete with the roles and responsibilities of man and woman. Family life and church life are described. Feminism and Egalitarianism are not scriptural ideals and beliefs…they are pagan humanism.
    The Fruits of the Spirit are not “feminine” things…they are God inspired fruits of God’s spirit living in a believer. As Christians, male and female, we are supposed to exhibit the fruits of His spirit in our daily living; Whether this be in tending the home with children, or working the fields to provide for our families (Gen 3).
    If you are male, then you are a leader. You are held responsible before God for your family. Different types of leaders, of course, but male leadership is not optional. If a female is a stronger leader in the church or home and the male is weaker, this isn’t license to overstep biblical boundaries and have the female lead the man. God says that the female is especially made to be the helpmeet to her own husband.
    I see people within the frame work of who God made them to be. People and sex can not be separated.
    I do not believe in neutering people.
    Bethany (whose purpose in life is to defend biblical womanhood within the framework of my gender, calling and station in life….that of a mother of children and helpmeet to my husband — and yes, obviously staunchly anti-egalitarian)

  • […] Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Saving Our Boys From the Feminists in which I discussed the “gender blender” society that we live in today which seeks to feminize our boys and suggested some practical ideas we can do to encourage gender distinctives in our home schooling. We seek to give our children first and foremost a Biblically distinct education that centers around home life; the Hebrew model of education of walking, talking and working along side our children. In that distinctly biblical education, we believe that our boys and girls each have equal value and worth as God’s children, but are different in role and function. […]