The last week of the year 2006!!!

It is an exciting time as we head into the new year. Before January 1st, each member in the family (who can write) will list out this years accomplishments as well as write out goals for the new year.
In the area of goals, not only do we list things we would like to accomplish, but we encourage setting character goals. I have a certain character trait that I will start to focus on. I have also identified some other character or obedience issues in some of the younger children that we will focus on as well. As a family, we also look at certain aspects of family life that we would like to improve upon.
It has been rewarding to look back over the years of accomplishments and goals for each person in our family and see the growth and maturity.
As we remember God’s providential hand in each of our lives as well as in our family, we are filled with overwhelming gratitude.
So what am I working on:

1.) Meal planning for the month of January
2.) Our 2007 Home School outline…Since we do not follow the regular school schedule, the new year brings a new home schooling outline. I have just written a syllabus for my boys, ages 9 and 11 to encourage and promote their education to be distinctly male. I think it may help with allowing them to exert that boy energy while at the same time learn necessary skills and educational facts. I will be working on a similar syllabus for the girls. Education should not just expand the mine, but should promote and build Biblical roles in our girls and boys. So many times we, even home school educators, pattern our schooling after the public education system and neutralize our boys and girls.
3.) New chore list to correspond with the ages of the children and chores that need to be done in our home.
4.) Goals for the new year for myself and a list of accomplishments from last year.

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  • Julee Huy says:

    I am the mother of 3, soon to be 4 boys, I’d love to see that syllabus! And when you finish the girls syllabus, I’d love a peek at that one too!
    Do you mind sharing?
    – Julee