It’s Christmas Time Again

While we have been busy for the last two months “off blog” we are going to make up for it in the next 24 hours!
As Christmas Day is once again upon us, we will be posting a quote about Christmas from great church leaders through out the ages each and every hour of Christmas Day.  Join us occasionally through out the day to catch up on the quotes you missed while you were opening presents and feasting!  It’s sure to be an enlighting time.
In Christ our eternal King!
 – Paul

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  • Thank you for publishing these quotes about Christ Mass from well known and well respected Christian leaders.
    It is a shame to see how far we, as the Bride of Christ, have strayed from our First Love. But, praise the LORD! He is leading us back to the pure teaching of His Word and to purity in Worship.
    May He forgive our backsliding and may He heal our land.