One other home making challenge….

Gardening, along with bread making, is easily passed by as something those other people do, or use to do.  I realize now that much hard work went into gardening not as a hobby, but a vital part of family life that determined if you ate or starved.
I talked to a grandmotherly woman recently and she was telling me that when her 5 boys were young and at home, she grew a 1 acre garden for her family!  Wow, that amazed me.  Now my garden is nothing massive and doesn’t even come close to feeding us, however the thought of gardening enough food to feed my family is very much what I want to do.
First though, I must figure out what I am doing before I attempt anything more.  So far broccoli and cabbage are doing great with the cool weather.   The lettuce is not growing like it does in the spring, however this week I did pick a bunch of it to add to a salad.   This morning the plants looked a bit frigid, if you can imagine what a cold plant looks like 😉  I am hoping that they do well with the cold temps.

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