Upcoming New Release: The Homemakers Guide to Extreme Grocery Shopping

Over the last month, I have been working on writing a book called, “The Homemakers Guide to Extreme Grocery Savings: Guaranteed Money Saving Tips That Will Put Money Back In Your Purse!” Once we work out the quarks, we will have it available.
It is a basic guide that will introduce you into the world of extreme grocery savings with practical how to’s.
If you are interested in learning how to buy hundreds of dollars worth of food and household supplies for a fraction of the cost, you will find these tips helpful. I included lots of information for homemakers of larger families. Just exactly how do you get 12 canisters of oatmeal for free or 18 bottles of laundry detergent for $1 each? I was able to share some helpful information on just exactly how you use coupons to build a big stockpile and supply the huge needs of your family.
I am excited about it, as it has been a fun undertaking that I know will bless many homemakers.


  • sarah walston says:

    Hey! Great idea!! I was thinking about you today when I organized my pantry! I’m SO EXCITED! Now, I have a small pantry and ZERO storage space, but over the past month I’ve been able to STOCK UP! And most of it I haven’t even paid for! For example: 8 bottles of Kens Salad Dressings (our favorite brand) ALL FREE! (That’s 8 @ $1.89 each!). 5 jars of Bush’s Chili all FREE! (That’s 5 @ 1.89 each!) 7 bags of rice – FREE! (7 @ $0.99 each). 3 packages of veggie spiral noodles for $0.20 each! 12 packages of Hot Dogs for $0.51 each (ok those aren’t in the pantry!) 2 jars of Mayo – FREE. 5 jars of Dijon Mustard….FREE. 2 jars of tartar sauce…FREE. 2 jars of diced tomatoes….FREE. 5 loaves of bread…FREE.

    I LOVE IT! All in all: 61.36 in FREE FOOD. That’s not even counting all the coupon savings.

    And stuff we’ll eat. Not just a bunch of junk we won’t eat.

    Can’t wait to read your book!

  • Bethany says:

    Sarah…that is awesome!!!!!!
    With those multiple items…you will have a huge stockpile before you know it!
    It is a great feeling knowing your pantry is being stocked while you are saving a ton!